April 25, 2012

Harts (2) - Round 21

Fletcher came home from school so mad!  And it made him even madder that he didn't know why he was so mad!

Julie glanced at her daughter, Julianna, out of the corner of her eye.  "Thanks for helping me rake the leaves up, sweetie."

Julianna smiled at her Mom.  "No problem.  I like helping you."

Julie felt her heart squeeze.  Her little girl was so dear to her heart!

"We worked hard & now it's time for a little FUN!" Julie cried as she hopped in the leaf pile.  She laughed as Julianna collapsed onto the grass giggling.  She treasured moments like these!

And absolutely hated moments like these!

"Stop touching me!" Julianna whined.

"Not touching... not touching..." Fletcher droned as he swung his arms around like a zombie. "I'm going to eat your brain."

"MOOOOM" Julianna screeched.

"Outside!" Julie yelled.  She had to finish this chapter before work in the morning!

As Julie ran to the front yard to skip rope, Fletcher headed out to the backyard to check on the dogs.  He loved them all!  Especially the young ones, Foxy, Loxy, Pudding & Pie.  He smiled every time he called their names.

"Good boy, Pudding," Fletcher said as he stroked Pudding's head.  "I'll see you in the morning."

Much later that night Julie heard growling and yelping and ran outside to see what was wrong. 

"Loxy! No! Bad dog! No!" Julie was beside herself.  It was so scary to see the dogs fighting.  What if Fletcher had been out here when they started?!

Her decision made, Julie called the pound to help find them new homes.  (Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah... so Julie forgot to feed them.  Bad pet owner! Bad!)

Without so many dogs going in and out, Julie was finally able to clean out the dog houses.  She worried the entire time how she was going to break the news to Fletcher.

Fletcher's cousin Kennedy came over to play.  "Bang! Bang! You're dead!"  Kennedy called out as they played cops & robbers.

"No I'm not. I'm wearing a shield," Fletcher argued.

Kennedy dropped his arm.  "Come on, Fletcher! Quit cheating!"

"I'm not cheating!" Fletcher yelled.  "Cops and robbers is dumb!"

"Calm down," Julie said as she came in the room. She wasn't surprised to see Fletcher getting riled.  He was such a sensitive child.  Which is why she knew this was going to kill him...

Julie came close.  "There's something I have to tell you about our pets..." she tried to begin.

"Did they get sick? I fed them last night before bed! Did Julianna give them chocolate again?! I hate her!" Fletcher worried.

"No, no, sweetheart.  Loxy and Pie got into a fight last night..."

"Are they okay? I should go see them!" Fletcher turned around to go.

"They're gone."

Fletcher stopped and turned around.  "Gone?"

"I'm sorry, Fletcher.  They'll find new homes."

Tears filled Fletcher's eyes.  "But, I want this to be there home," he sobbed.  "I'll take better care of them! I promise! Then they won't fight!"

Julie's heart broke watching her son beg for his beloved dogs back, but her mind was made up.  She didn't want to see him hurt, unintentionally or not!

It can't be true, Fletcher thought.  They can't be gone!  Wiping the tears from his eyes and avoiding his Mom's arms, he ran outside to the backyard.

And saw the empty dog houses....

"Noooooo!" he screamed and raged.  "I want them! I want them! I want them!"

Julie had run after Fletcher and felt her heart twist again witnessing his grief.  Grabbing him into a bear hug, she squeezed him tight and stroked his hair.  "It's okay sweetheart, let it all out," she told him.

Fletcher sobbed on his Mom's shoulder, mad at her, mad at the dogs, and mad at the world in general.

Not knowing what else to do... he took it out on his cousin.  "I hate cops & robbers!" Fletcher screamed as he jumped on top of Kennedy.

Julie gasped in shock when she saw the boys pounding each other on the front step.  "Boys! Fletcher! Stop it this instant!" she admonished.

Kennedy pushed Fletcher off of him and stood up, victorious. 

 Julie launched into a lecture on behavior and not fighting.  Her words fell on deaf ears.

Fletcher felt bad about it, but...he was just so mad...

In his room, Fletcher cried.  Now his cousin hated him. His Mom hated him. He was grounded. Why couldn't anything good happen to him?

 The next morning, Julie knocked on the door, worried that Fletcher hadn't emerged yet.  "Fletcher Hart. You have school in 30 minutes.  You'd better be ready," she threatened.

"I'm coming," Fletcher called out as he made his bed.  Geez, you couldn't catch a break in this house!

UGH, he thought, frustrated beyond belief.  What did he do to deserve this?

Julie sighed in relief when Fletcher emerged.  "Would you like me to give you a ride?" she asked, hopefully. 

Fletcher just turned his head to the side & pretended that he didn't hear a word as he grabbed his backpack for the bus.

Julianna played ball with her cousin, Kennedy.   It took awhile to convince him to come over & play again, but she sure that Fletcher would leave him alone.

Julie kept wondering how to bridge the divide that Fletcher had set up between himself and the family.  He ate by himself at the opposite side of the table...

...and stayed in his room for most of the evening.

Freddie said it was just a stage and to give him time.  But, Julie was worried.

She shouldn't have.  It wasn't too long before Fletcher was acting like a normal human being again in hopes of being allowed to have a few friends over.

Maybe his friends would be a good influence on him, she thought hopefully...

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