April 3, 2012

Goss - Round 20

Junior looked across the room & wished he had the nerve to tell Summer how he felt about her...

"Dad, why do guys always have to ask out the girl? What if she says no?" Junior asked.

Gabe made an exasperated noise, "Junior, it's your move.  Who cares if she says no?"

Junior sighed.  Maybe he'd ask Mom instead. 

(I just liked this picture of their cat stalking fishies.)

Lily was reading the paper when she saw an advertisement for part-time help at the school.  "I'm going to do it!" she thought excitedly.  The kids were basically grown now & she needed to feel like she contributed to something!

Gabe snickered. "You? A teacher?"

Lily frowned.  "Well, I would start out watching the younger kids..."

"An underpaid babysitter.  You should call them up and tell them you can't do it."

"But I want to do it!" Lily stressed. "I am going to do it!"

Gabe looked at his watch.  Lily should've been home by now.  Who was going to make his dinner?

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  1. You spoiled thing you, Gabe! Seems like the kids in Paradise Bay are asking lots of questions about the facts of life!


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