April 25, 2012

Downies (3) - Round 21

Gunnar thought a lot about the advice that he had given Veronica after her husband had passed away. 

"With time that pain will fade. It's probably best to stay active... find new friends, call old ones.  It's best to keep busy," he had told her. as though he knew what he was talking about.

Sighing, he got up and glanced out the window.   

He needed something new...

...someone new....

...someone to sweep him of his feet...

....someone like Brandy.

She was perfect for him in every way.  Gunnar cuddled with her in bed, knowing he was on the verge of falling madly in love.

Gunnar sat up in bed, breathing quickly.  He must have dozed off... or had a panic attack!  He had seen Barbara in front of him as real as ever.  He felt like he could almost reach out and stroke her cheek. 

Rubbing the dull ache near his heart, he sadly kissed Brandy goodbye for the night. 

He didn't feel right having a woman in the house with the memory of Barbara so fresh...

But he also knew that it was time for closure.  Kneeling at Barbara's grave, he told her all about what a wonderful woman Brandy was & how his big plans for their life.

"Nice to meet you," Christa said as she shook Brandy's hand.  Gunnar smiled as he watched his two favorite girls make small talk.  He knew Christa would love her as much as he did once she got to know her.

Not being able to contain it a second longer, Gunnar dropped to his knee.  "Marry me, Brandy.  I'm not as young as I once was... but I'll make you a good husband."

Brandy launched into Gunnar's arms and hugged him tight.  "Yes!" she said excitedly.  "Yes!"

It was all set.  Brandy was moving in as they planned their big wedding.  Gunnar gazed at the paintings of Barbara and smiled.  It was time to move on though....

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  1. Back to Christa's house. Erm...so Gunnar started pining for a new love. Hope Brandy can make him happy!


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