April 3, 2012

Downies (3) - Round 20

Gunnar felt an empty hole in his heart since Barbara died.

She was the love of his life.  What was he supposed to do with his life now?

The the widower-calls began. 

Women he used to know before marrying Barbara began calling & offering to drop off casseroles after his loss. As well as anything else he might need...

"Gunnar, that is so gross! She's years younger than you!"

Gunnar was shocked that Christa would speak to him like that.  "My social life is none of your business," he told her coldly.

Disgusted and hurt, Christa broke out into tears and ran to her room.  She couldn't believe he'd be so mean! Everything had changed since Barbara died!

"Thanks for coming over guys," Christa told Junior.

Just then, Gunnar came down and saw all the teens around the house. 

"OUT!"  Gunnar howled.

Petrified, all her friends dropped their cups and took off for the door.

"No parties!" Gunnar yelled.

Christa blinked through the tears in her eyes.  "Why do you even care?! You're not my Father!" she yelled.

"I am your Father! I raised you! No boys! No parties!" Gunnar growled.  "You're grounded until you go to college!"

Christa ran to her room.  "I HATE you!"

Stomping around her bedroom, she quietly raged.  "I hate him! He treats me like a child!"

Teeming with frustration, she kicked at the doll house that she'd love growing up.  "I'm not a KID!" she screeched.

Seething, she flopped on the bed and cried into her pillow until she'd fallen asleep.

"You would know what to do, Barbara," he whispered to her picture.  "I miss you like crazy.  It's not the same without you.  Nothing's the same..." Sadly, Gunnar stroked the canvas and then stumbled upstairs to go to sleep.

"Before you go to school, I wanted to talk to you," Gunnar called out as Christa headed out the door.

"Well there is nothing I want to say to you!" Christa snapped back without turning back.

"Christa, I'm sorry," Gunnar followed after her, apologizing.

"I'm late for school. I have to go," Christa fought against the tears already pooling in her eyes.  She was NOT going to cry again!

"We'll talk tonight, then, okay?"

Gunnar sighed as she got on the bus without a word.  He'd royally screwed that up.

"That did not look pretty."

Gunnar whipped around.

"Veronica! What a pleasant surprise!"

Gunnar grabbed Veronica for a big hug.  "It's been years! How's life been?"

Veronica smiled.  "It's been good. Tyler and I had four kids.  Twins Archie & Samuel, then Daniel and our little girl Roxanne."

Gunnar jerked his head towards the bus going down the lane.  "Barbara and I adopted little Christa."

Inside, Veronica and Gunnar caught up with each other.  "Do you ever wonder what would've happened if we'd stayed together?" Gunnar asked Veronica quietly. 

Veronica sadly smiled.  "No.  I love Tyler so much.  I'm glad that I chose him.  We never would've made each other happy."

Gunnar looked at his hands.  "I miss Barbara every day. Every single breath I take hurts. And I think I messed it up with Christa. She hates me now!"

Veronica laughed.  "Honey, she's a teenager! Of course she hates you! Something would be wrong with her if she didn't!"

"I hate him!" Christa told Edwin. "I can't believe he would treat me like that!"

Edwin nodded. "Yeah, that sucks."

"I mean, what does he think I am? A kid?!"

Edwin leaned over.  "I know how you can get back at him..."

Christa glanced over at Edwin. "How?"

"Like this..."

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  1. Teen aged angst. Edwin, you are a sly one, you are.


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