April 9, 2012

Downie/Pais - Round 21

Isabella pounded on the keys of the piano.  When she was feeling upset or lonely, she felt drawn to the ivory keys.

Camilla floated down the staircase.  "Isabella, leave the room."

"But, Mom," Isabella kept playing.

"Immediately," Camilla barked as the doorbell announced visitors.

Isabella hung her head and slowly trudged up the stairs, trying to hang back so that she could find out what was going on. 

Camilla welcomed her old lover into the Great Hall with his wife.  As she shook his hand in greeting, she felt Jenny's jealous eyes.  It was amazing how just the mere touch could send  all the memories flooding back.  Their passionate night together, her discovery that she was the 'other' woman, the unexpected pregnancy.  Camilla had sworn then that she would never tell Quinn that he had fathered a child with her.  He did not deserve her child.

Quinn grinned, unaware of her private thoughts.   "You look good."

Camilla nodded.  It was pointless to deny that she was not still in her prime. "You would not be here if Quinten had not asked about you relentlessly."

Jenny snorted in disdain. 

Camilla fixed her with a quietening look.  "You will wait here."

Jenny crossed her arms.  "I don't think so. I'm coming with!" she argued.

Camilla's red eyes flashed with anger.  "You will wait here or you will leave my home."  Pointing at Quinn, she said, "You will come with me."  Jenny quietly sunk into the chair by the door with her hands in her lap, ready to wait.

Camilla led Quinten down the hall to the den & introduced him to Quinn.  "You have asked numerous times about your Father," she explained in lieu of a greeting.  "His name is Quinn. I will leave you two to get to know each other."

Under her breath, she warned Quinn, "Hurt him & I will make sure you suffer painfully." 

Quinn swallowed nervously as the young man approached him.

"You're my father?" Quinten asked in surprise.  He looked like a ridiculous old man having a mid-life crisis.  "Did you know about me?" he asked, trying to hide the pain in his voice.

Quinn looked at the young man.  He was about Quincy's age.  He absently wondered if the boys might know each other.  "No," he answered honestly.  "She never told me..."

"Then you must have broke her heart," Quinten accused. "Did you love her at all?!"

Quinn hedged, wondering how much he should reveal.  "I'm afraid I was more in love with myself."

Quentin scoffed.  "Some role-model you are!"

"I should go," Quinn said.  "Maybe after you've had time.."

"No! I don't ever want to see you again!"

Quinn hung his head, ashamed by the way he'd lived his life. Ashamed that his own son would want nothing to do with him.  Saying nothing more, he walked back out to the Great Hall & ran into Camilla.

 "Well?" she demanded.

"He... umm... he doesn't want anything to do with me," Quinn said sadly.  Really, he should be thankful.  Acknowledging the boy would mean that his entire life would be turned upside down!

Camilla scoffed, "What did you expect?"  Quinn saw where his son got it from.

"If he changes his mind, please have him call me," he heard himself say.  "I'd like to get to know him."

Camilla tersely nodded and then headed in her son's direction, dismissing Quinn.

"God, Mom. What were you thinking?" Quinten demanded.

Camilla crossed her arms.  "I did not tell you to be lectured, Quentin.  I told you because you wanted to know your Father.  That was him, flaws and all.  Regardless of all else, he is your Father."

"No!" Quentin yelled.  "He's not my Father! I hate him! I hate you!" Quentin put his hands over his ears and ran from the room, tears pricking his eyes.  Why did he ever ask about his stupid non-existent Father anyways?! Gary had raised him!

Gary had always raised him as though he was his own!  He couldn't believe his Mom would invite that sleaze-bag in the house when Gary was such a wonderful husband and father!

 "So you're new to athletics, huh?" Gary said, privately thinking about how young & hot she was.  "You want me to show you the ropes?"

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "I don't need you to show me the ropes.  But, it's always good to have a friend higher on the ladder than you are, if you catch my drift."

"You're hoping to climb the ladder?" Gary asked, hinting.

Sabrina lowered her lashes.  "I wouldn't be opposed to the idea..."

Gary rubbed his hands together, smiling.

Just a little catch of you scratch my back, I scratch your back, Gary thought happily.  He recommended Sabrina for a higher level in the field & she in turn had highly recommended her for a higher position.  Nothing wrong with a little political-mumbo-jumbo, he reassured himself.  Besides, no one would ever find out!

Quinten was still feeling pretty low after a few days, so he decided to throw a party to distract himself.

"Charity, I'm glad you could make it," he gushed.  "I want you to meet my girlfriend, Calista."  Quentin had met her while on a walk one afternoon & they'd hit it off great.

Charity's mouth had dropped open in shock.  Finally, she'd managed to mumble "Nice to meet you."

As Quinten leaned forward to kiss Calista, Charity was pushed from his mind.  He never knew that he'd broken her heart into a million little pieces.

Isabella watched Edwin rush upstairs after Chloe.  Chloe had yelled that he was a two-timing slug.  He banged on the bathroom door asking her to come out.  She wondered why anyone would get that upset over a kiss.

"Will you kiss me?" she asked, startling him.

Edwin jumped back.  "Whoa? What?!"  he asked, incredulously.

"I just want to know why everyone gets so upset about kissing!"

"No way! You're just a kid!" Edwin protested, looking around for someone to talk some sense into this girl.

"I am not a kid!" she stomped her foot and turned on her heel, heading for the piano.

Banging on the keys, Isbaella felt her sour mood slipping away.  She wasn't a kid anymore.  It made her so mad that he saw her as one!

 If anyone was a kid, it was Olivia!

She would just need to think of a way to prove how grown up she was....

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  1. It is great the way you work your age transitions into the story.


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