April 3, 2012

Creelmans - Round 20

It was time for another adventure.  Opal didn't know what it was, but if she stayed in one place too long, she felt closed in.  Her last boyfriend said she was an adventure junkie when he'd broken up with her.

Signing her name with a flourish, Opal inhaled the mountain air and smiled at the concierge.  "Which way to the local pub?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh no, Miss.  No pubs here.  But there are plenty other wonderful destinations.  You can see the tour guide out front."

Okay, she thought, not exactly the adventure she was planning, but roasting a marshmallow over a campfire... it wasn't your average, every day treat...

Okay.  I have to think of something better to do tomorrow, she winced.

The tour guide had suggested a hike through the forest, but warned her about straying too far in the forest.


(Yeah, Opal got impatient & voo-dooed the Big Foot into liking her.)

Oh man, Opal thought, she had some explaining to do....

Just a few decorations that Opal accumulated from her various travels.  On every trip home, she picks a few decorations that match the area she visited.

And of course her treasured maps are prominently displayed.

"OPAL! What the hell is going on?!" she heard Jay shout inside.

Damn.  She didn't remember that Jay was back from Sim State!  Where was Big Foot going to shack up?  At the foot of her bed?!

Running in, she smiled really big and glanced between Big Foot & Jay.  She didn't know who to pacify first.  Holding her hands up in the air, she called to both of them to calm down and move slowly.

"Tell him to go take a bath! Ugh!"

Next up was her Bienvenue Party! She loved handing out the little trinkets from her travels.  She liked to think her friends enjoyed the souvenirs, as well.

Russell glanced down at the little ax in the log & glanced back up at Opal.  "It's nice, really. I'll put it on my mantel."

Opal smiled, then turned to leave.

Russell seized the moment and grabbed Opal's hand to stop her from turning.

"But what I really missed the most was you.  I've had a thing for you since I was a freshman at the university!"

Opal's eyes widened and she saw Russell in a whole new light.

"Oh wow! Really?"
"I know this is corny as hell," Russell apologized as he dropped to one knee, "But, marry me.  I don't care if we globe trot around the world. I just want to do it with you!"

Opal couldn't believe she'd found exactly what she was looking for right in front of her nose. 

Jay couldn't help how frustrated he was. He was happy for his sis, but he'd spent all of his college years waiting to find the perfect date and nothing... no luck!  Then, Opal comes back and practically trips over Russell on the way to the altar!

Jay scoffed.  It's not like he'd ever told me, he thought bitterly.

Jay walked outside, hoping the frigid air would clear his mind.

And then he almost tripped over someone!

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Jay exclaimed after bumping into someone.  "Can I help you?"

"I'm not sure, I'm Tina. I was looking for Tech Drive? Is it around here?"

Jay was now a firm believer in destiny.  Not wasting a word, he kissed his mystery woman! That's right! Two seconds after meeting her, he planted a big smooch on her.  And she LIKED it!  Maybe his luck was changing!

Tina stammered, "I'm not normally this forward, but oh my goodness.... It's like my dreams came true right in front of me!"

Jay nodded. He couldn't agree more!

Fumbling, they stumbled to the bedroom.

"This is crazy! We just met! But, I feel like I really know you!" Tina gushed.  "Let's get married!"

Jay nodded again, dazed.  He couldn't agree more!

(If he could pull his gaze away from her rack, he'd probably think this through a little bit better!)

They wound up at the Quickie Chapel.  Flipping through the costumes available to rent, Jay wondered how often they were cleaned.

But, Tina called him over to check out her dress distracted him.  Especially when he saw that she wasn't wearing anything.  Glancing over his shoulder, he snuck into the changing booth to join her.

"Do you..." The statue pastor paused.

"Umm... Jay Creelman."

"Right. Do you, Jay Creelman, take your bride..."  He paused again.

"Tina Stompel," Tine smiled.

"Take your bride, Tina Stompel, to have and to hold, for better or worse, 'til death do you part?"

Jay took Tina's hand in his and grinned, "I do."

"You may now kiss the bride!"

"No, no, if you're going to try to fix the plumbing, you need to make sure you use the plumber's tape first," Adam told Russell.  "Otherwise it'll leak."

Russell shook his head, "There's so much to learn about taking care of a home!"

Adam tapped Russell's knee. "Not to worry, son. I can teach you!"

Hours passed...

Opal cleared her throat.  "Dad! Do you think I could borrow my husband?"

Adam waved Opal away.  "Just a moment. I've almost explained the electrical breaker to him!"

Opal tapped her foot as her Dad lectured Russell on the importance of home repair.  "Yeah, well, I'm a newly wed, so I'm going to go change into my lingerie.  Night!"

She turned to walk away, grinning.

Russell hopped up. "Whoa. Wait," Flustered, he turned to Adam, "Thanks for the lesson, Pop.  Maybe another time?"

Adam smiled as his son-in-law took off running.

"Hey! Wait up Opal!"

"You're not nervous are you?" Jay asked.

Tina held out a shaking hand.  "Only a little bit! You?"

"I certainly hope so..."

"Me too..." Jay said softly.

"Mom, Dad. There's someone you have to meet.  This is Tina.  My wife."

Tina gave a small wave.

Adam and Jody glanced at each other.  "Is she pregnant?"

"MOM! NO!" Jay barked.  "Geez!"

Adam patted Jody on the shoulder. "Let me talk to him.  Can we talk outside Jay?"  Adam smiled kindly at Tina.  "We'll just be a moment."

"Dad! It doesn't matter what you say! I love her!"

"Well, I'm glad.  It's just that you haven't know her long. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine!"  Jay paced around the backyard. "Nobody said anything when Opal married Russell a minute after she got back from her trip!"

Adam cocked his head.  "Come on now, Jay, you know that's not fair.  Russell and Opal have known each other for years.  He's your good friend.  It's quite different from bringing home a stranger."

Jay sighed. "I know. I can't explain it.  I just saw her and I knew."

"Well then, let's go save her from your Mom."

Jay & Adam turned to go back inside when Tina's scream made them break into a run.

"JAY! It's your MOM!"

Jay couldn't believe it.  She was gone.  And the last thing he'd said to her had been in anger.  She'd been so disappointed and upset with him.  He'd caused her heart attack.  Numbly, he looked over at his Dad and tried to think of something to say....

He didn't think there was any getting over this.

Time flew by & Jay went through the motions. He worked up to the top of his career, but there was just something missing.

"Put me down, you big oaf!" Jay grumbled. "I told you! I don't need a hug! I'm not sad!"

But, he was.  Especially after Opal got pregnant.  He didn't even have a clue if Tina wanted kids or not! They'd gotten married & then his Mom died... so they hadn't really gotten to the 'getting to know you' stage...

Welcome to the world Rusty Carpenter!

Opal smiled at Jay.  "Well, everything's packed up. Our new place should be ready for move-in.  I'm going to miss you little brother!" Opal teared up.  "But, it'll be nice that we're not in your hair anymore, huh?"

Jay hugged Opal.  "I'm going to miss you like crazy!"

But she was right.  Maybe with a little bit of space he could get to know his wife a little better...

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  1. Wow what a packed entry/house! Adopting Bigfoot. (hahaha) two marriages (one of them by the mannequin! How innovative!) A Grim party, and a new baby. I'll bet this lot was fun to play. :)


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