April 6, 2012

Carters - Round 21

Travis had been outside listening to his Ipod, pretending to trim the bushes when he saw a hottie walk by.  "Hey girl!" he called out, "Hold up!"  Catching up with her, he whistled low.  "You are Fine with a capital F!"

He could tell she wanted him.

Oh yeah, she digs me, he thought confidently.

(Trent & Meadow actually 3 bolts for each other, but there they are swooning over the other couple.  The grass is always greener on the other side....)

After the kids went to bed, Sonja and Benjamin enjoyed a romantic moment to themselves. 

Trent was nervous. Mom & Dad had gone out on a date, so Travis talked him into throwing a party.

"Come on!" Travis begged.  "I'll let you invite a few friends!"

Trent hedged, "I don't know Travis. She got really mad last time we threw a party!"

"She'll never know though!"

How did he let Travis talk him into these things? he wondered awhile later after the house was crawling with teens & the music was blaring throughout the house.

The only bright side was that Meadow made it over.

It was a night he'd never forget!

Theresa saw the flashing lights.  "Shit! Time to go!" she told Travis as she darted away.  "See you at school Monday!" 

Travis' shoulders slumped.  Crap.  Mom was going to kill him!

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  1. Hahaha, partay, partay, partay!!! lol Behind the backs of those responsible!


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