April 25, 2012

Carters (9) - Round 21

Gretchen was nervous to tell Samuel about her pregnancy.  She wasn't sure how he would take it.  They hadn't been dating all that long... and this was a surprise!

But, he'd thrown himself behind it whole-heartedly.  "I can't wait to be a father," he'd told her as he rubbed belly.

"But I want to do this right," he said dropping to one knee.  "Will you marry me?"

How could Gretchen refuse such a heartfelt proposal.  Samuel was the sweetest man in the world!  She was so lucky that they ran into each other at the shops!

It was like fate!

She couldn't wait to celebrate with a few of her friends. 

"Hey, what's going on?" Samuel asked as he came home from work to a packed house. 

"Oh hi sweetie, we're watching a show right now."

Samuel nodded.  "Cool..."

"Wuzzup!" Patrick said behind Samuel, startling him. 

Raising an eyebrow, Samuel attempted a smile.  "Hey, how's it going?"

Patrick dropped his arms and headed to the kitchen to raid the fridge.

Samuel watched as some random dude grabbed a bag of chips as though he lived here.  Wow, and this is what happened when you opened your house up...

But they were Gretchen's friends... he should try to be more accepting.  Some of them he'd met the night he'd mistaken her invitation for a date.  Man, she sure could whirl him up in knots!

Gretchen sighed and stretched her back.  "That was so fun, wasn't it Samuel?"

Samuel walked over and started rubbing her back.  "Yeah, it was nice to meet a few of your friends." Glancing around the room, he silently hoped it would be awhile before they came back!

The labor caught them both off guard...

...although they were really caught off guard by TWINS!  Archie held their son, Alejandro & Gretchen held their daughter, Savannah.

"It's nice to enjoy a quiet meal together," Gretchen said a few nights later once they'd worked out a routine with the babies.  Taking care of two babies required a lot of teamwork!

Thankfully Samuel was more than willing to pitch in at all times of the day & night. 

Happy birthday Alejandro!

And Savannah!

Awww... she has her mommy's nose!  What a beautiful family!

(Sorry, just really cute shots of Savannah being a sweetheart!)

Samuel hugged his brother hello.  He noticed his brother was a little distracted & Emily was acting pissed.  Hopefully everything was okay with them.  He made a mental note to check in with his brother soon.

Veronica coddled her little grandson, Alejandro.  "What a beautiful little boy!" she said happily. 

Aww... thanks Uncle Archie for grabbing that stinker!  Mom & Dad needed a minute to themselves...

.... hopefully it's not another set of twins!

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