April 4, 2012

Carters (9) - Round 20

Samuel roamed around his empty home, feeling restless... like he was missing something important.  Calling up the local taxi, he hitched a ride to the outlet mall.

He saw her strolling up the walkway & Samuel felt like he'd just been struck by lightening.

Breaking out of his daze, he glanced at the floor & then back up at the beautiful woman.  Mentally, he thought of all the things he could say to greet her, but as she walked past, he didn't say a word. 

Come on Sam, you'll never get a chance like this again, he berated himself.  Just go talk to her!

Pumping himself up, he strode over to her and blurted out, "I'm Samuel!"

The beauty scrunched her face up and glanced over at her friend.  "Umm... I'm Gretchen..."

Clearing his throat, Samuel tried again.  "Do you live around here?"

"Umm.... Actually.... I was just umm.... going...."

Samuel could've smacked himself.  What a dolt!  "Wait! Can I give you my number?"

She shrugged.  Eagerly, he dug out an old receipt from his wallet & scribbled his name & number.  "Call me okay?" he asked as he handed her the paper.

Gretchen flipped the receipt over.  "Oooo.. $27.40 at Walmart."  Grinning back at him, she waved the receipt around, "New Fruit of the Looms.  I would've pegged you for a boxers guy!"

Blushing, Samuel fought the urge to grab the receipt back.  Play it cool, man.  Not knowing what else to do, Samuel shrugged.  "Yeah, it's cool." 

"Have a nice night," Gretchen told Samuel as she walked away.

That had to have been fate, Samuel thought as he walked back home.  He hoped she called.


She didn't call.

"Looks like it's just you & me, buddy," Samuel told his new pup Heron.  At least he had someone to talk to!

Coming home from work, Samuel was distracted by his bills when he got a phone call.   Flipping open his cell, he mumbled, "Yeah?"

"Ummm... is this Samuel?"

Straightening upright, Samuel's heart picked up.  "Is this Gretchen?"

She giggled. "Yeah.  I wanted to know if you wanted to get together."

"Sure! When and where?"

"How about tonight downtown? At the club?"

"I'll be there! See you soon!"

"Gotta go sport.  Daddy's got a big date!"

Samuel hurried over, excited that she'd asked him out on a date... only to find...

"You thought this was a date?!" Gretchen laughed.  "Oh God, it's not funny! I'm so sorry! I just thought it'd be fun to hang out!"

"Yeah, sure, it's cool.  This looks like a great place," Samuel said for lack of anything better to say.

"Hit me," Samuel told the bartender as he sat at the bar brooding.  Gretchen had giggled and then walked to back with her girlfriends to soak in the spa.

"She's a horrible flirt, you know," the chick next to him piped up.

Samuel glanced over . "Excuse me?"

The chick nodded towards the door.  "I'm Amy. Gretchen's friend.  You should know that she's a big flirt, but she's super sweet.  If you can get past the flaky flirty bit..."

Samuel nodded dumbly, "Yeah, well, I just met her. It's not like that."

Amy nodded sagely.  "It's always like that.  I'm just saying..."

Slapping down a $5, Samuel nodded at Amy before going to find Gretchen.

Samuel had been prepared to leave right away, but Gretchen had talked him into hanging out for a soak.

And a little hanky panky.

After things steamed up quite a bit, Samuel hauled Gretchen out of the tub.  "Come on, let's take this back to my place," he offered.

Gretchen smiled and kissed his cheek.  "Sorry, I can't. I should probably get going anyways.  It was nice seeing you, again."
Samuel left, dumbfounded.

She was tying him up in knots, he thought frustrated.  At least this time he had her number.  He hoped she didn't have caller id because he called a million times hoping that she'd be home.



"Hey Gretchen," he attempted to sound casual.  "I was wondering if you'd like to come over for some popcorn & a movie."

"Sure, I'd love it."

Samuel waited on the front lawn to greet her as she came in.  He didn't know if he would ever get tired of seeing her beautiful smile!

"I'm glad you could make it over," he told her as he stroked her cheek.

"I'm glad you invited me," she whispered back.  "So what are we watching?" she asked as she plopped down on the couch.

Samuel pulled out a few DVD's then sat down next to her, putting his arm around her shoulder.  Gretchen snuggled a little closer.  A girl could get used to all this attention, she thought happily.  Samuel stroked her arm, played with her hair and had just started to lean in to kiss her neck when Gretchen popped up, "Hold that thought, tiger. I'll be right back.  Which way to the bathroom?" she asked.

Safely behind the locked door, Gretchen sighed.  

"You can do this girl.  Dating is the first step to getting over someone!"  She just wasn't prepared to feel so nervous!

Strolling out of the bathroom, she found Samuel in the kitchen.  Smiling, she leaned in and cooed, "Hey baby, did you miss me?"

Samuel made a face and hedged away.  "Look. I don't know what's going on with you.  I'm not into playing games, so if that's what this is... then it's probably best if we don't see each other again."

Gretchen's mouth dropped open.  "What?"

Samuel shrugged, "You act like you don't like me, then you're all over me, then you run away and come back stronger.  If you're just looking for a fun time, I'm probably not the right guy for you."

Gretchen looked down, feeling ashamed.  "Actually, it's just been awhile since I've dated.  It's not a game. I really like you."

Pulling into his arms for a kiss, Samuel grinned.  "We can work with that."

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  1. Alright! Downtownie love. :) Like to see them brought into the game. Nice shot of the dog watching TV while his human gets a little action. :)


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