April 25, 2012

Carters (8) - Round 21

Emily cuddled her baby in her arms.  Little boy Neil.  Such a blessing.

Although, getting her figure back was a blessing, too!

"I'll be with you in just a few minutes, Emily," Archie promised.  "Let me just finish something up first."

Emily laid in bed with her foot twitching as she waited.  He forgot about her again, she thought with disgust.  Here she was, ready and waiting & he was off lost in thought somewhere! Typical!

Archie didn't mean to forget about Emily. He was just extremely busy at work & trying to make their life as comfortable as possible.  He glanced up as Emily stalked into the room. 

"Thanks alot!" she grumbled. 

Wincing, Archie began apologizing.  It usually took 30 minutes of apologizing before Emily was mollified.  He supposed it would also help if he'd pay more attention to her...

Emily knew just the thing to put her in a good mood again. 


God, what an exhausting day it had been, Archie thought as he walked inside & was met with loud music and chattering.  Making a beeline for the bedroom, he shook his head.

"Archie!" Emily called out.  "Come here, I want you to meet..." Pausing, she glanced at the guy, "What's your name again?"

The door shut was a soft click.

Emily couldn't believe Archie had just shut the door in her face! Whatever! She had friends over & she was going to have fun!

She didn't care who she had fun with!

Happy birthday Neil!

Dinner for one, Emily thought snidely as she chowed down on salad in her jammies.  Archie was pulling a late shift at work tonight & wouldn't make it home until late.

Something had to change, she thought sadly.  This wasn't fun!

Well... something changed...

Welcome to the world little boy Grant!

Soon it was time for the boys to grow up a little...


...and little Grant's... umm... back of the head...

Cute, right?

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