April 25, 2012

Carters (7) - Round 21

Jeremy was pretty excited.  Today was his little brother's birthday.  He invited a bunch of friends over, ready to make Trevor's day a little extra special!

Happy birthday Trevor!
Trevor grew up feeling like a hundred bucks. 

 Quickly he scoped the room for any hotties.  Man.  Too bad his brother didn't have any hot friends!

That was easy enough to fix, though, he thought happily.

Trevor held his fingers up to his lips and he tiptoed with What's-Her-Name through the house.  His parents generally slept pretty soundly.   "Shhhh..." he whispered.

Once in his room, he whirled around and kissed her.

A boy never forgot his first kiss.

He might forget her name... but no the kiss!

Sharon was excited to retire and enjoy her golden years with Anthony.

They threw a retirement party & invited over old and new friends, alike.

Trevor heard his folks party through the walls as he helped Victoria wiggle in through his window.  "Glad you could drop by," he whispered, shamelessly flirting.  Now it was time to get down to business.

Much later, Victoria smoothed her hair.  "Can I see you tomorrow?"

Trevor smiled as he stroked her cheek.  "I'll call you & see what's happening tomorrow...."

Tomorrow was always another day... another opportunity....

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