April 25, 2012

Carters (6) - Round 21

Gloria felt her hand shaking when she used her key to open the door. Who knew what that man was doing in her home!

JJ glanced up when he heard the door open.  "Ah! Gloria!" he said happily.  "So nice to see you."

Defensively, Gloria told him, "This is my home, too.  I live here!"

"Of course!" JJ said.  "I never wanted any of you girls to think that you weren't welcome."

Swallowing a grimace, Gloria hurried to the office to call Marissa.

"Okay. I'm here. He didn't put up a fuss about me moving in."

Gloria paused and listened to her sister.

"Because, Marissa! It's our house! Not his!"

She paused again.

"No! I will not like him if I give it a chance!" she whispered furiously.

"HELLO!" Gloria said rudely.  "I'm trying to talk on the phone!"

"Oh, pardon me, dear. I didn't realize you were on the phone," JJ said as he stepped out.

Glaring at his retreating back, she focused on her sister.  "No, Marissa. You guys don't have to come out..."

JJ smiled at the girls surrounding his table.  "Well, this is a pleasant surprise!"

"Yeah, whatever," Gloria complained. 

"So, JJ, tell us more stories about Mom from college!"

Gloria rolled her eyes as JJ began to recount some of the antics they'd shared. "This is so stupid!"

Rosa glanced over at Gloria and frowned.  "That's enough, Gloria. Behave."

Dinner wasn't over fast enough for Gloria. She'd pouted, complained & griped the entire time.  Before she left, Marissa gave her a big hug.  "Try to get along, okay? He's really very sweet!"

Gloria was so tired of hearing about JJ!

So, she went about pretending he didn't even exist...

"Why do you act like that?" JJ asked over lunch. 

Gloria blinked.  "What do you mean?"

JJ raised his eyebrow.  "I live here, too.  I see the comings and goings of all your young men."

Gloria's cheeks flushed.  "What are you trying to say?" she said carefully.

JJ sighed.  "Nothing.  I just... I want you to be happy..."

"Look! You're not my Daddy, so quit acting like it!"

JJ sighed.  He guessed it would be best to going back to not talking at all.

Gloria lounged in the bath when she heard the doorknob turn.  "I'm in here," she called out too late.

"Oh God!" JJ gasped as he covered his eyes.  "Good Lord!" Turning, he blindly groped for the doorknob and let himself out.  Brittany would never forgive him for looking at her daughter like that!

Gloria stormed out of the bath with her clothes hastily thrown on.  "Look, Gramps, I told you to get any funny business out of your head!" she raged.

JJ crossed his arms.  "Believe it or not, young  lady, not all men are consumed with lust at all times.  Not if you'll excuse me, I need to use the restroom."  He bristled under the implication that he was just some old guy getting his kicks from peeking at her! 

Gloria stood in the hall way & fumed.  She couldn't wait for him to croak! Life would so much easier!

JJ stopped to listen to Gloria play the piano.

"You're very talented," he told her.

"You think so?"

JJ smiled. "Of course, dear.  It reminds me of your Mother playing the piano."

Gloria smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

JJ leaned back, shocked.  "Gloria! That's enough!" he said as he struggled away from her. 

Gloria opened her eyes and blinked.  "What do you mean? No?" she asked.

JJ adjusted his sweater.  "I'm very sorry, but that's not appropriate.  I can promise you that I do not... er... want you.... in that way!"  Huffing, JJ hurried to his room and shut the door.

Gloria stepped back, confused.  She thought he'd been making a move on her.  What went wrong?  And why did she care? She didn't even like him... that much....  Okay, if she was truthful with herself, she would admit she had started to care for the guy....

"Oh, Brittany, if you could see the mess I've made of things," he said sadly.  "How I wish you were still here!"

But as fate would have it, he would join Brittany soon...

"Marissa, I called you as soon as I could.  I need to talk to you about something important!" Gloria said breathlessly. 

"Oh God," Marissa cried, looking at the tombstone from JJ's passing.  "What a dear, sweet man!"

"No, Marissa! Focus! On me! I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my God!" Marissa's mouth dropped open.  "Do you know who the father is?"

Gloria frowned. "What kind of question is that?" she demanded.

Marissa poked Gloria's shoulder. "Well?"

Gloria shook her head sadly. 

"Oh God," Marissa sighed.  "Don't worry, I'll be here for you!"

And her twin sister was there for her... even during her labor.  "Oh God! I'm never doing this again," Gloria fumed.

As soon as the baby was born, Gloria handed the baby over to her Auntie Marissa & headed towards the bathroom.

She had to make sure her figure went back to her pre-baby shape.

Marissa sighed as she watched Gloria hurry away.  Walking over to the fridge, she grabbed a bottle for the little one.  "Don't worry, Alexander, she's going to be a better Mom than we think she'll be!"

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  1. Wow Gloria is once chick who is consumed with herself, isn't she? She deserves 'who da baby daddy!' But poor Alexander! What is it going to take to learn who dad is? But it looks like he has wonderful relatives to take care of him!


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