April 3, 2012

Carters (6) - Round 20

Brittany had loved Alec with her whole heart. But, she was lonely without him.  She couldn't help but scope the room, wondering what it would be like to fall in love again.

She was surprised how drawn to JJ Grove she was.

They'd spent numerous nights just talking about their lives since college.

"Brittany, I'm not a young man and I don't believe in beating around the bush.  I want to get married again after finding myself a widower..."

"... I hope you'll do me the honor of marrying me."

Brittany smiled.  This was just what she was looking for! Love and commitment. Someone to spend her time with during her last few years.

"I can't believe she's getting married again!" Norma whispered to Marisa.

"I hate him," Gloria said.

"Shhh guys... I'm trying to listen! Isn't it romantic!" Marisa gushed.

"He's up to something," Gloria furiously whispered across to Marisa.

Norma rolled her eyes. "No he's not. They're just in love, Gloria."

Gloria watched her Mother marry the man that was not her Father and she couldn't help but feel ill. She couldn't believe her Mom was doing this to them!

JJ gathered Brittany's girls around and proposed a toast.  "Not only am I gaining a wonderful wife and friend, but I'm gaining four beautiful daughters, as well."

Gloria scowled.  What a pervert!

"Cheers!" Marisa smiled. 

Norma hugged the happy couple, "Congratulations, Mom!"

JJ had known that Brittany might not have long to live... but he'd been shocked to come from work shortly after their honeymoon to find her gone.

The girls were distraught.  Silently, he hung back to give them time to grieve their Mother's passing.

Rosa looked around the table.  "Mom appointed me the executor of the will.  She set aside various amounts for all of us to make sure we're taken care of, but has left the house and all the furnishings in it to JJ."  Smiling at JJ, she patted his hand, "Mom wanted to make sure you were taken care of."

JJ smiled weakly, "That was kind of her..."

"That's crap!" Gloria snapped.  "She knew him a whole 5 minutes and left him everything.  We grew up in this house! He can't have it!"

Rosa glanced at Gloria, embarrassed.  "Gloria, calm down.  Mom wanted JJ to have the house."

Gloria had never been so enraged in her life.  "Well you can't have it! You're not our father! You're not our family! We never wanted you in our life!"

Crying, Gloria spun away and ran out of the house.

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  1. OOOhhh..what an issue, what a problem! this does happen in RL though, all the time. Gloria, get over it! You got money from your mother! eh.


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