April 24, 2012

Carters (5) - Round 21

Roxanne hugged Jennings.  "Thanks for coming over," she told him. 

Jennings adjusted his glasses and reached for Roxanne's hand.  "No problem.  It's my pleasure."

From the doorway, she heard Daniel teasingly scold, "Are you throwing a party without permission, young lady?"

"Danny!" Roxanne cried as she ran to hug him.  "I didn't know you were coming back from a break!"

"Yeah, I thought I'd come visit the folks."

"Whatever. You know you just brought laundry home for Mom to do!"

"Please! Like Mom does laundry!"

Roxanne laughed.  It was so good to see her brother!  But first....

Roxanne balled up her fist & punched Daniel's arm. Hard.

"Ow! Damn! What was that for?" Daniel groused as he rubbed his arm.

"That's for not ever calling Jane back after you went off to college."

Daniel hedged.  "I meant too... it's just.... complicated."

"What's so complicated about it? You call her & let her know you're alive!"

"I just... I think I met someone else..."

"Well SHE hasn't!" Roxanne glared.  "Be a man.  It hurts to not know.  I know from experience..." Roxanne trailed off.  Riley had never called her.  But at least she had moved on... or was trying...

"You're right... you're right... I'll give her a call.  Satisfied? Are we done talking about my love life?"

"Of course not!" Roxanne giggled.  "Tell me all about the girl you met!"

"First, have you seen Dad? There was something I wanted to talk to him about..."

Shortly after arriving home, Tyler passed away.  Veronica swore it was from the stress of his political career.  He always promised to retire... but never got the chance...

Veronica didn't know what she would do without him.  He'd been the glue that held her together.  Gunnar had gone through this recently... maybe he would have some advice, she thought.

"Thanks for coming over Gunnar.  I just don't know what to do with myself!  I miss him so much!"  Veronica wrapped her arms around Gunnar's neck and bawled.  The pain was still so fresh.

Gunnar squeezed her tight.  "Don't worry.  With time that pain will fade. It's probably best to stay active... find new friends, call old ones.  It's best to keep busy.  Takes your mind off of everything."

Veronica sighed.  Meet new friends? Where was she supposed to meet new friends?

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