April 9, 2012

Carters 3 - Round 21

Ellen missed her husband terribly.  Losing Vincent had made her re-consider how she wanted to spend her golden years.  She'd envisioned traveling to exotic places with him, but they'd never managed to make their schedules work.

Damn work!

It had sucked the life right away from them!

Punching in the buttons on her phone, she decided it was time to live for herself.

"I told you that you'd come running back to me," Jesse teased when he saw Sabrina at his Aunt's retirement party.

Sabrina rolled her eyes.  "You wish! I'm just here to help Madison pack up.  We're all getting a flat together nearby.  We're calling it the Grad Pad!"

Jesse leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You don't want to stay there."

Sabrina swiped at his hand.  God! He made her feel like a bumbling 12 year old every time she saw him!  "Look! You might not have noticed, but I'm an adult now! You can't keep treating me like... like..." Words eluded her.

Jesse smiled.  "Like? What?"

"UGH! You drive me crazy!" Sabrina fumed as she stomped her foot.  "I'm going to go find Madison!"

Jesse held out his hand and stroked her cheek. "Wouldn't you like to do something more enjoyable?"

Sabrina's pulse leaped.  No matter how much he drove her crazy, she still responded to him on so many levels.

It didn't take long until he'd talked her into the jacuzzi.  And the reprobate wasn't wearing any clothes! At his Aunt's retirement party!

Nuzzling her ear, he whispered.  "You know where I'll be..."

Sabrina couldn't help but watch, enthralled.

Sighing, she knew she'd made her decision.  Calling up Madison, she whispered that plans had changed and that she was staying somewhere else overnight.

"Where?" Madison asked, suspiciously.

"I just met a guy..."

Madison sighed.  "Oh Sabrina, I thought you were going to quit going home with strange guys."

Sabrina glanced over her shoulder. "He's not all that strange. Just a little."

"What?!" Madison squawked as Sabrina hung up the phone & put it on silent.

Jesse and Sabrina tumbled into bed.  "I thought you'd never make your mind up," Jesse teased.

"What about your Aunt's party?"

"What? It's her party.  She knows how to talk to people!" Jesse said.  "No one will miss us!"

Nostalgia slammed into Ellen with full force when she saw Gunnar standing in front of her.  Glancing around, she tried to find someone else to talk to instead of him!

Plastering on a smile, she greeted him.  "Gunnar! I haven't seen you since Class '09!"

Gunnar smiled sadly and pulled Ellen into a hug.  "It's been a long time!"

"Yes, it's been forever.  I was sorry to hear about Barbara," she told him.

Gunnar nodded.  "It's been awhile now, but it still hurts.  How are you doing without the Professor?"

"Vincent," she said softly.  "I just still can't believe he's gone.  That's why I'm retiring."

Gunnar nodded.  "Believe me, I understand.  Feel free to call if you ever need someone to talk to."

The next morning:
Jesse rubbed Sabrina's back before they both hopped in the shower.  He just couldn't get enough of her!  "I have to get to work soon, Sabrina.  Hang out for the day. I'll be back before you know it!"

Sabrina hedged. "We'll see," she promised. "I might have stuff to do today."

Kissing her soundly, Jesse told her he hoped she was there when he got back.

Jesse walked into his room, tired from an exhausting day at work.

And there was Sabrina, waiting patiently for him in his bed.

"Now this is what I love to see when I get home!" he grinned.

Sabrina mentally counted back the days, trying to figure out how late she was & who the father could be.  She was pretty sure it was Jesse's, but she wasn't sure.  She'd either gotten pregnant during her last few months at school or right after moving back home.  And no way was she going to stick Jesse with a kid that wasn't his!

"Jesse," Sabrina tried to think of a good way to do this.  "It's been fun, but it's over."  Okay, a little bit more blunt than she'd been hoping for...

Jesse sprung up.  "What the hell?" he demanded.  "I thought things were going well!"

Sabrina shrugged. "They were."

"So? What's the problem?"

"Who says there's a problem?"

Jesse raked a hand through his hair. "You don't just decide to leave! What's going on?"

"Look, I'm pregnant, okay! And I don't know if you're the father!" Sabrina yelled. 

Jesse was shocked into silence.

"Well, say something," Sabrina demanded.

Jesse worked his mouth, but no words came out. 

Frustrated and scared, Sabrina turned on her heel and headed for the door...

...not really caring where she went, she broke into a run.

"You were pretty hard to find," Jesse said.

Sabrina looked up and frowned when she saw him standing there.  "Madison told you were I was?"

Jesse nodded.  "She said you called her crying."

Sabrina shrugged and looked the other way.

"Look, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean..."

Sabrina jumped up.  "God, I'm glad my Dad's not alive to see what a mess I've made of things! He always knew I was going to screw up royally like this!"

Sabrina paced around the small alcove, muttering under her breath.

Jesse waited for her to calm down.

Then, deciding that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon, he dropped to one knee.

"I don't care if the baby's not mine. We'll deal with that if it's an issue.  But, I'm tired of drifting between women.  Let's try it.  Let's get married."

Sabrina rushed into his arms.  "But what if we mess it up?" she cried into his shoulder.

"Then hey, divorces are pretty cheap, right?"

Family & friends gathered around to watch the wedding between Jesse & Sabrina. Sabrina knew people thought she was pregnant.  It sucked that it was true.

For a little while, at least, she could pretend that Jesse was marrying her because he loved her.. not because she'd gotten pregnant & he was tired of sleeping around.

"So what now?" Sabrina asked nervously after the ceremony. 

Jesse wiggled his eyebrows.  "Now comes the fun part!" he said as he swept her up into his arms and led her to their room.


Nothing lasts forever, Ellen thought as she went towards the white light.  She just wished she could've seen Jackie & Madison one more time before she left them.


"Jesse! I just felt it kick!" Sabrina announced.

Jesse hurried over and put a hand over her belly, waiting expectantly.  It didn't take long before the baby kicked his hand and he looked up at her with wonder.  Sabrina's heart did a little flip.  How could you help but fall in love with a man that got all soft when it came to babies?

Hopefully he'd be just as good with the newborns!

Shawn & Abbey Carer!

"You're so precious, yes you are, yes you are," Sabrina cooed to the baby.  Having the newborns was one of the reasons Sabrina had decided it was time for all the dogs to go.  She was worried that one day one of the dogs might hurt her babies.  They were such big dogs!  Besides, she and Jesse didn't have time to take care of them!

Jesse had been reluctant to give them up, but she'd finally convinced him.  She'd simply told him it was her & the wins or the dogs.

Jesse watched the animal shelter worker collect his family's dogs.  Sabrina right, it would be a lot less to worry about, especially now with twins in the house.  But, it was so sad to see his beloved pets go.  Watching Smokey go was the hardest of all.

"Make sure you find them good homes," Jesse told the shelter employee.

"Just in time," Sabrina said with a smile.  "The kids are about to start crawling around and getting into tons of stuff! I'd hate it if they ate some dog food!"

Green-eyed little Abbey.

Brown-eyed little Shawn.  (Is it just me or does he look a little like Alvin, Sabrina's father.  Maybe it's the hair. I can't wait to find out, though!)

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  1. In comes babies, out go the pets. heh Looks like it is time for a paternity test!


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