April 9, 2012

Carters 2 - Round 21

Jane rushed to the door, excited that Daniel was coming over.  He'd called a few days ago & said he'd try to make it into town this weekend. 

"River?" Jane asked in confusion.

Glancing around, she felt her heart plummet.  "Where... Where's Daniel?"

River wished Danie was there so he could punch him.  "He asked me to tell you how sorry he was.  I was coming into town to see my folks, so I thought I'd drop by to see you, too."

Distracted, Jane nodded.  "Oh.  Great.  Thanks."

River desperately tried to think of anything to cheer her up.  Daniel didn't think she'd realize he was moving on, but the look on her face said it all!  Lamely, he said, "He's just busy with his term papers..."

Jane threw on a smile.  "Of course! Geez, I knew that! Umm... thanks for coming by River.  It's been really great seeing you again!"  Jane didn't want to break down into tears in front of him.  It was bad enough she broke up with him for loser-Daniel, but he'd also think she was a big un-cool baby!  Running past him into the house, she headed straight to her room and flopped on the bed.

Jane finally emerged from her room & snapped at anyone who spoke to her.  Chelsea looked over at Ross & silently asked what had happened.  He responded by shrugging his shoulders.

Jane didn't care.  She was beyond caring!

Without giving her much time to consider the consequences, she called up the only person she could think of that could help her with her plan to get over loser-Daniel.

Edwin walked over, grinning at Jane as he strutted down the front walk.

She almost changed her mind then & there.  But she had a mission.  Operation-Forget-About-Daniel!

"Are you sure about this Jane?" Edwin asked.

"Oh just get it over with!" she complained.

Chuckling, he pulled her into his arms and kissed the daylights out of her.

Oh wow, she thought to herself.  So that's what all the fuss was about!  Edwin really was an excellent kisser!

Ross came home with some good news for the family.  He'd reached the top of his career, but had been promised an inside track into another field.  Glancing at his watch, he grimaced.  It was almost 6 - he had to hurry and get that job application in online before it was too late!  (I wanted Ross to get another Top of Career, so he raced over to the computer to get a new job before he aged up!)

Ross was sure he was going to love working in the Intelligence field!

Chelsea couldn't believe how much she was aging! Life certainly had a way of getting away from you!
Finding Ross in Jenning's room, she almost laughed when she saw he was reading Jennings to sleep. 

Whispering, Chelsea said, "You do realize he's growing up, don't you?"

Ross glanced up, "I can still read him a story to sleep, can't I?"

"Of course, but he's a teenager now. He's going to want you to see him as a man, not a boy!"

Grumbling Ross put the book down and struggled to stand up.  "Gah, this gimp knee! Getting up from the floor isn't as easy as it used to be!"

Jennings furiously scribbled in his notebook, trying to complete his homework quickly so that he had the rest of the evening for himself.

"Jennings, when you're finished with that, would you please come over here?" Chelsea asked. 

Jennings finished the last few problems & then trudged over to the table.  He was trying to think of what he could've done wrong.   "What's up Mom?" he asked.

Chelsea smiled. "Nothing's wrong. I've just been thinking that you might enjoy going to a private school."

"My grades are good, Mom!" he protested.

"I know they are. I'm not suggesting private school as a punishment! I just know how seriously you take your school work. I thought you might enjoy being in a different environment."

Jennings thought about it.  It would be pretty neat to go to a different school where he wasn't always the twins un-cool brother.  "I... I think I'd like that Mom."

Chelsea smiled.  "Good. Then I'll talk to your Father about it tonight."

Jennings was psyched that he moved schools.  He'd met the coolest girl in the world, Roxanne.

She enjoyed going for hikes about talking about nature.

The only problem was that she pining over some college boy, Randy.   Shaking his head, Jennings said, "My sister went through this same thing! The jerk didn't even call her to break up with her!"

Roxanne frowned, "Do you think he's moved on?"

"I don't know! But, he should've called more, shouldn't he have?"

Roxanne worried her bottom lip, "I just don't know!"

Hopping up, Jennings grabbed the bench pillow and whacked Roxanne in the shoulder.  "Then don't think about it!"

After a moment of stunned silence, Roxanne grabbed the other pillow and started pummeling Jennings over the head with her.  She was pretty sure he was letting her win. 

Still feeling giddy from their horsing around, Roxanne grabbed Jennings and pulled him close...

...and planted a big smooch on his lips before running home.

Jennings stood outside soaking up the sun, relishing how he felt in the moment.  Did that just happen, he wondered.  Amazing!

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  1. Ha Edwin strikes again. Can't wait to see his escapades as an adult!


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