April 25, 2012

Carpenters (2) - Round 21

Fletcher sent the ball sailing towards Aiden.

"Sorry, man," Fletcher grinned.

Riiiiight, Aidan thought unhappily.  What a jerk!

James came home from work & enjoyed dancing with Analeigh...

And laughing over Cecelie's antics...

He was worried about Aidan though.  The boy never seemed to take his schoolwork seriously, preferring to spend his time whispering with the girls that came home with him.

...And who knows what else went on when he was alone!

"I can't believe you!" Tish cried after Dawn had come in to ask what Aidan was doing. 
Dawn had just shrugged.  Finders... keepers... and all that...

Aidan watched Tish walk away and had to stifle his annoyance.  "Sorry Dawn... I think we're better as just friends..." he said awkwardly.  She was nice and all... but she didn't do anything for him.

Now Tish! She was special! He wasted no time running after her and apologizing for Dawn.  She'd thought there something between them, but they were really just friends.

It was pretty easy to coax Tish into a good mood again.

Happy birthday little Cecelie!

Angela grasped her stomach when the labor pains began...

Welcome to the world little Jason Carter!  Look at those beautiful green eyes & red hair! 

Angela was so happy with how close her family was.  Sometimes she still couldn't believe that she & James had discovered each other after being friends for so long.  It was true what they said... your best friend made the best husband!

And Aidan loved his little sisters.  She knew that he hardly even thought about his sperm donor, that idiot Gary.  How he could write them off like that & start a new family without any hesitation stile managed to rile her. 

"Swing me again!" Cecelie laughed as Aidan played with her.

Happy birthday Analeigh!

AH! What a beautiful young lady she is!

"How would you like a makeover Cecelie?" Analeigh asked.  "Something a little more mature?"

Cecelie sat nervously as Analeigh brushed her hair & fluffed it.  Pinning it back, she stood back and announced, "There!"

Cecelie couldn't believe that was her in the mirror!

"I love it!" Cecelie cried as she reached up to hug her sister.  "Thanks Analeigh!"

"No problem, Cecelie.  Want me to read you a bedtime story?"

Cecelie listened intently as Analeigh read her a story about princesses and dragons in far away lands.  She wished she was a princess!

Aidan didn't mind checking on his little brother.  Baby's were actually kind of cute, he thought, smiling.

He didn't want it to get out though. It might ruin his reputation.

Before long, it was time for Jason's birthday.  Happy birthday little guy!

Aww.. what a cutie!

Analeigh knew that Willow had broken up with Ryder recently.  She didn't know why anyone would want to break up with him!  He was so smart & kind!

Feeling brave, she leaned in for her first kiss....

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