April 26, 2012

Becketts - Round 21

Michelle was glad her family had come over for a luncheon at her home.  Glancing around the table, she just wished that her Mom could've been there.  It still broke her heart to think that her Mom died angry at her. 

Dad took every opportunity he found to remind her how much Mom loved her, but the guilt still lingered.

Finally, after lunch and a game of cards, the McMillans bid them goodbye.

"That went really well," Michelle smiled at Anthony.  "They really like you, I could tell."

Anthony breathed a sigh of relief.  "Thank God! Man! Meeting parents is nerve-wracking! Especially when you've been caught with your pants down around them!"

Michelle laughed.  "I'm sure they don't even remember that!"

"More like they're trying to block it!" Pausing a moment, Anthony tapped her shoulder.  "Come on, let's go hit the home gym."

Michelle thought the one advantage.. or disadvantage, depending on how you looked at it... of dating an athlete was that they tended to be more active.  Thankfully, Michelle loved working out with Anthony.  And then, when he was all sweaty from working out...

She mentally fanned herself...

He was definitely hot!

"Hey boy, are you lost?" Michelle crouched down and petted the little dog.  He didn't hang around long enough for her to befriend him, but she hoped one day she would see him again.  She'd always loved animals.  And knew that there were so many in need of saving.

Michelle pitched the idea to Anthony.  "What if we started an animal rescue shelter? Like any animals that needed a safe home could come here? And we could find them homes?"

Anthony made a face.  "I'm allergic to cats, Michelle," he said sadly.  "And I really don't like pets.  Is that a deal-breaker?" he asked sadly.

Michelle's hopes & dreams shattered into pieces.  "Not a..." Sighing, she hugged Anthony.  "No, it's not a deal-breaker.  I love you!" 

Anthony hugged her tight. "Oh thank God, I was a little worried you were going to pitch me to the curb!"

"Hey! I'm in here!" Anthony shouted as Michelle barged in and vomited.  "Ew... are you okay?" he asked, slouching down lower in the tub.

"I think I have a bug..." she said hoarsely, praying she didn't vomit again.

Anthony wracked his brain, trying to remember the last time he'd seen Michelle conscious.  She'd gone outside to pet a cat & he'd run inside to get away from the cat.  He wouldn't have even know she'd collapsed, except he'd seen her outside the window as he'd been tooling around on the internet.

How long had it been? 10 minutes? 20 minutes?

Dropping to his knees next to her, he prayed as hard as he could that she wouldn't be taken from him. 

When she roused enough to ask for water, he mentally cheered as he helped her up.

"I don't want to live without you, Michelle.  Marry me. Right here. Right now.  Let's not waste another moment.  I can't imagine life without you," he said, his heart still beating wildly.

Michelle smiled at him and hugged him tight.

Mrs. Michelle Beckett, he thought.  Mine!

Gingerly he helped her to the bed and ordered her to rest.  She'd given him quite a scare!

Next, he called her father & told him about her condition & their marriage. 

Conrad was worried.  "Can I speak with her? Should I come over?"

Anthony shook his head, "No sir, she's resting now. But, I'll have her call you.  I think she'll be okay."

When Michelle woke later that evening, Anthony fussed over her and served her a toaster pastry.  "Just something light. We want to make sure you can keep it down," he told her.

Michelle smiled.  She could get used to being waited on.

Although soon the reason for her fainting became readily apparent.  She and Anthony were going to have a baby!  Thank God they were already married, she thought.

Anthony was over the moon happy.  A baby!  What an amazing stroke of luck!

During the labor, he tried to do everything he could think of to help her, but knew he was hardly any help at all.  She was lucky he didn't faint at her feet!

Welcome to the world little Tony Beckett!

"Are you sure you don't need me to stay home with you?" Tony asked.  "Because I can call in."

Michelle laughed. "No! Go! I'm not an invalid!"

"I know, babe.  I just worry, that's all!"

In the end, Michelle had convinced him to go to work, but he couldn't help feeling anxious.

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