April 24, 2012

Bears - Round 21

Joshua handed Randy the keys to Paradise Bay High School.  "There you go son.  It's all yours.  Make me proud."

Randy felt the heavy weight of the keys in his hands.  He'd done it. He was finally a High School Principal.  He only hoped he was able to do as good of a job as his Dad.

"You'll be fine, Randy," Katy told him as she trailed along behind him.  "You know your Dad wouldn't pass it on if he didn't think you were ready."

"You're just saying that because you're my wife and you have to," Randy groused.

Katy laughed.  "Well, I do think you look super sexy in that suit. But, I mean it! We all believe in you! Even our little baby."

Finally Katy saw a smile crack on his face. 

They were both so excited for the baby to get here.  Any day now....


Welcome to the family Irving Bear.

And as we so often see... the baby is born & the Grim Reaper taketh away...

Happy Birthday Irving!

Farewell Dana!

Hello little Nelson Bear!

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  1. Yup...two leave, two come in. that is what I call good population control.


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