March 29, 2012

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 20

Rachel had so much fun with her friends, especially when they just sat around and talked.   She hoped things didn't change at all!

It felt weird being home.  It felt even weirder that he'd managed to get a job at Paradise Bay High.  He'd be working with his parents. He just hoped Rachel wasn't in his class! That would be even weirder!

He was also engaged now.  Katy had finally consented to be his bride!

So things were going to be really different around here!

"Umm... Dad, can I get some privacy?"

"No! We don't want to talk about anything!"

 At last, all the well-wishers left Randy & Katy to enjoy their honeymoon.

Proof of which came a few months later...

Rachel was having so much fun goofing around with Edwin. He was such a great guy, no matter what people said about him.  People just didn't understand him, that's all! She bet he could be a great friend!


  1. Yummy on Randy... He is one little pixelated hottie! :-) Oh yeah, Edwin's all 'misunderstood'.. Poor girl, bet she gonna have her heart broken by him, among with a bunch of other girls from the neighbourhood...

  2. Hi Ediwn! Long time no see! O_o I think I am falling in love with Ediwn too! *fans self* NOT! lol


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