March 29, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 20

"Don't worry about it, Rosa. We'll have a baby when we're ready. Until then, we can just have fun practicing!"

Rosa sighed.  She loved Wilson, but he just didn't seem to understand!

From outside their room, they heard the family cheering about something.

"Let's go see what's going on," Wilson told Rosa, pulling her to the family room.

 "Phillip!" Wilson called.  "Looking good! How was college?!"

Phillip wrapped his brother in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground. "I'm good! I'm moving into a little place by the bay with Norma. Big surprise, huh? You'll have to come by & see the place!"

"I'm so happy for you guys!" Rose gushed.  "Tell Norma to call me!"
Gaeron sat at the piano and called out, "It's time to celebrate family! We're all back in town & together!"

They weren't meant to be together for much longer, though. Sadly, Rudhon and Cennon passed away soon after Phillip's return. (I'm really disappointed. I was hoping for more theatrics, like the Plant Sim turned brown & withered away!)

 The family congregated for the graveside burial.

 Aithel knew it was her turn to bring about life.

 Little Deluon would bring much happiness to the family.

"Are you okay, Rosa?" Phillip asked one night as they studied.

Rosa shrugged. "I'm just feeling... I don't know... a little nauseated..."


"Can you believe it, Wilson?! We're going to have a baby!"  Rosa was so excited, she could hardly contain herself.

 Giddy with pleasure, she invited her friends over to share the good news.

 Months later, she delivered her first little baby girl.


Wilhemenia was a lucky little girls with so many hands to take care of her and watch over her.

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  1. I love the Plant Sim house. No, Plant Sims pass way just like a regular Sim. I am with you tho, there should be more theatrics!


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