March 29, 2012

Paradise Bay High - Round 20

Joshua thought a great deal about retiring, but first he wanted to make sure he had someone to pass the reigns of Paradise Bay High.  After Dana's embarrassment over being let go over orange wedges, Joshua had suggested she work part-time in his office, helping keep him organized.  She'd loved it.

"The freshman assembly will be starting in 15 minutes, Joshua," Dana told him as he walked to office.

"Thanks Dana, I just need to grab my speech."

"Welcome freshman!" Joshua called out to the students.  "Now is an exciting time at Paradise Bay High.  We have many classes for you to enjoy and hopefully many friends waiting to be made.  Our goal is that each of our students proceed to college with as much knowledge and skills as we're able to provide!"  Pausing, he watched the students excitedly talk to each other.

"Does anyone have any questions?"

Casey walked down the hall to his shop class and saw two students goofing around.  "Regan. Mark. Shouldn't you guys be class?"

Mark and Regan jumped away immediately and scurried to their classroom.

Cheryl Reed stopped when she saw Lizzie walk in late to class.  "Thank you for joining us, Lizzie.  Did you have a chance to read the chapter I assigned last week?"

Lizzie scooted into her desk and looked down.  "No, ma'am."

Cheryl shook her head.  "Did anyone do their assignment?"  Sighing when no hands shot up, she cleared her throat.  "Then everyone had better do it tonight in addition to the next chapter. There will be a quiz tomorrow."

Casey gave the safety lecture to his shop class, then explained that they'd be starting with something easy - making a brick toy.

James glanced around the lab, "So who here can tell me what science is?"

Dana was so glad that Joshua let her teach the home ec class.  After years of being a housewife, she knew her way around the kitchen.

And it was clear that her students did not.

 BRIIIIIIING.  "Class dismissed!" Dana announced as she followed them outside and locked up. 

She'd made it down the hall when she smelled smoke.   "Oh no!" she gasped as she ran back down the hall.

 "This is no good!" she cried as she fumbled in her pockets for the keys.  (The way the school was set up, only students assigned to the class could enter the stupid room so the firemen couldn't go in.  So, poor Dana fought the fire herself.)

"Oh God, I'm never going to tell Joshua. He'll never let me teach again!" First the orange wedges, then the fire! He'd think she was incompetent!

Smiling as the last student trickled out the doors, Dana held her hand out to Joshua, "Ready to go home?"

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  1. I am impressed by this school entry! Good job.


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