March 28, 2012

Downie/Pais - Round 20

Lestat couldn't believe the nerve of Christa.  "What are you doing here?" he accused.

"What? We can't be friends?" she asked.

"No way! I don't want to be friends! I love you & you broke my heart!"

Christa frowned.  "Look, I didn't say I don't love you. I do! I just needed some space!"

Lestat yelled before turning his back on her, "Then you HAVE it! Go away!"

Lestat stormed into the house & stopped short at the pandemonium.

The Evil Empress of Evil, his Mother, was dead.

Lestat took the stairs.  Staring at the place she'd passed away, he pushed back the tears.  "I hated her," he mumbled numbly, surprised by the tears.

Christa walked up next to him and reached out to hug him. "I'm so sorry, Lestat..."

Lestat jerked away from her.  "Don't! I don't need you! I don't need anyone!" Turning, he ran to his room and slammed the door. 

Blake stood in front of the memorial pictures, saddened by the loss of Regina.

She'd been his whole life for so long... what did he have to live for now?

Gary stroked Isabella's wildly curly hair and felt so lucky to be part of this family... this dynasty...  

Lestat was determined to put Christa behind him. And the first step was to talk to a girl...

"Lestat and New Girl sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G," Isabella taunted.

"Get out of here, pipsqueak! Go bother Quinten!" Lestat grumbled without any heat.  To his study partner, he explained, "Sorry, that's my niece. She's hit an annoying age..."

Quinten heard Isabella pounding on the door. "Quiiiiiinten! Can I come in?"

Quinten rolled his eyes.  "Go bug Lestat!" he called out.  Geez, can't a guy get some space? he wondered.

Gary was surprised to find out Camilla was expecting again. He hoped it was a boy!  He'd love a little boy of his own.  It completely went over his head that Angela & James were raising his little boy, Aiden.  And he didn't completely consider Quentin his.  He loved the kid, but, he wanted his own boy.

"Is it a boy?" Gary asked as he ran down the stairs.

He cuddled his newborn daughter, Olivia.  Olivia Pai. Wait! It dawned on Gary that he and Camilla had never married! They'd intended to marry before Isabella was born... but time had just snuck away...

Long after the clock chimed at midnight, Gary swirled his Countess around the room to celebrate their marriage.  "I just want it official," he'd told her.  And he wanted to make sure there wasn't any way he could be cut out of the inheritances...

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  1. OOh I remember Christa. :) For some reason she sticks in my mind. Whut the Empress of Evil is gone? Bye Bye. Sorry to see you go, you really created quote a stir in Paradise Bay!


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