March 29, 2012

McMillans 2 - Round 20

"Michelle, you need to apply yourself!" Tristen lectured her impulsive daughter.  "I always thought you would go to college with your sister to make something of yourself!"

Michelle rolled her eyes.  "Mom, not everyone has to go to college to be happy!"

"Well what are you going to do with your life?!"

"I dunno," Michelle shrugged.  "I've thought about starting a strays shelter..."

Tristen sighed.  "With what money? Have you even thought this through?"

"What's with the third degree, Mom? So I didn't go to college! It's my life!"  Michelle griped.  "Lay off!"  Turning around before her Mom could say anything else, Michelle ran to her room.

She'd prove that she could make something of herself!  Flipping through her contacts list, she started looking for an investor.

Ray was a very nice man and had a good bit of money to bring to the table...

But he was so BORING!

And Jay Creelman said he would love to help her start a business, but that he was cash poor right now.

She hit the jackpot with Anthony Beckett, though.  She'd interested him with her thought about saving poor pets caught in the snow over a pbj sandwhich.

Of course, it turned out that he was a little bit more interested in other pursuits with her, as well...

"Michelle! I did not raise you to act this way!" Tristen gasped from the doorway.  "What would your Dad say?!"

Michelle giggled, feeling incredibly embarrassed.  "Mom, I'm pretty much an adult now..."

Tristen interrupted her, "But in my house, you'll act according to my rules! And this..." Tristen waved her hands around wildly, "This is not acceptable behavior!"

Michelle shrugged into her clothes.  "Fine! Then I'll remove my behavior from your house! Come on Anthony! Let's go!"

Tristen trailed behind her daughter, fretting over how extreme Michelle was acting.  "Michelle! You can't just leave! You don't even know him!"

"I know him well enough! And I just want to live my life, Mom!"

"At least stay to say goodbye to your Dad!"

"Mom, I love you. I'll call you later!"

It broke Tristen's heart that Michelle left in anger that way. She'd always been such an easy-going girl. So popular, so happy and friendly.  She couldn't figure out what had happened.

Feeling at a loss, she threw herself into making sure that her relationship with Mary and Martin were strong.



But, she thought she might've missed her timing.  Her youngest set of twins were already rebelling against authority and starting to express an interest in dating and parties, rather than spending time with their family.

Martin was especially taken with Cora Reed.

And it seemed that she was just as interested in him. 

Tristen was happy that Martin seemed interested in such a good girl like Cora.  Although, the same couldn't be said about his sister, Mary, who was immediately attracted to resident bad boy, Edwin.

Tristen could already tell that Mary was going to give her trouble....


  1. Yeah, Edwin really seems like a bad boy.. Probably why he seems so interesting to all the teen girls.. :-)

    1. I have a soft spot for my little bad boy Edwin, along with half the teens in Paradise Bay. :)

  2. It is admirable to want to help stray kitties, but yes, it does take alot of simoleons to do that, gotta have some investors. Oh look, >_> there's Ediwn. hehehe


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