March 29, 2012

Landrys - Round 20

"Happy Birthday, Ben!" Dean announced with pride. Ben had been asking for an RC car for awhile now.  Dean was sure he would love it.

Ben tore into the present. "Thanks Dad, but when can I drive a real car?!"

Dean sighed.  It seemed the kids were always one step ahead of him!

Happy birthday Jasmine! (She looks so much like her grandmother Sally!)

And happy birthday Brooks!

 Not only was Ben interested in driving... but he was interested in girls...

Especially Kate Reed & Lizzie McMillan.

Especially Lizzie McMillan!

 "Why does Ben get to have all the fun," Jasmine whined.

"Play!" Brooks laughed as he clapped his hands.

"Alriiiiiiiight," Jasmine grumbled, "The itsy bitsy spider..."

"Aw come on," Brooks laughed, "Let's play cars instead! You can be the pink one!"

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  1. Wow birthdays and fun times. :) Gladd that Jasmine came around and finds her brother OK to play with!!


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