March 28, 2012

Harts - Round 20

Frankie came back from Sim State, saddened that he hadn't found anyone to share his life with. Man, us Harts have a hard time with love, he thought ironically.

Calling up the matchmaker, he asked for a few dates...

He just wanted to be sure he'd wind up with someone he loved madly, like his Mom & Dad...and Uncle Aaron and Aunt Ashlee!   (Really, Frankie had a 3 bolt with Marylena, but she had a bird-beak nose! I was kind of hoping he would fall in love with someone else... but alas... Marylena grabbed hold of his heart...)

"I'd love to see more of you," Frankie admitted after their second date.

A trip to the clothing store & Marylena was dressed for success. (Seriously, did the matchmaker hope to make more money off of Frankie? And he's making out right in front of Crumplebottom and no purse abuse! What?! She must be going blind in her old age...)

"You've been so good to me," Marylena thanked Frankie.  "I can't believe I live here now! You have such a beautiful home and such a wonderful family!"

"Then, join it. Be my family!" Frankie dropped to one knee, "Marry me, Marylena!"


Diane beamed with pride as her son married the woman of his dreams.  She couldn't believe both of her little boys were such grown men now! 

Married and starting families of their own!

 Soon even Dawn would be growing up and moving away...

Then a short while later, tragedy struck. Seth passed away...

..followed quickly by Diane.

Marylena was sad that Seth and Diane would never meet their new grandchild...

...Parker Hart.

"So.... are you Mark or David?" Dawn teased. "You guys look just the same!"

"Yeah, we get that alot..."

"Doesn't matter. You're still a fun date to be with!"

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  1. Wow the torch is passed from generation to generation. lol @ Crumplebottom missing a purse beating chance!!!


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