March 28, 2012

Carters (5) - Round 20

Roxanne knew that she & Daniel threw the best parties. Kids from all over crowded into their livingroom to dance and talk.  She just hoped everyone liked her new do...

Roxanne fluffed her hair.  Riley Bear had mentioned that he liked it when she let her hair loose... so she'd fixed it especially for him!  No more little girl braids for her!

Daniel danced close to Jane, leaning in to whisper in her ear. 

All of sudden Phoenix ran over and slapped her. He must've was still mad at Jane for dumping him for Daniel.  Daniel pushed Phoenix away.  "You had your chance, dude."

"How do you like it, baby?" Roxanne asked.

"Like what?"

"My hair, silly!"

Riley smiled, "Oh! You let it down! It looks nice!"

Roxanne preened.  He'd noticed!

Tyler couldn't get over how much alike Veronica and his little Roxanne were.  Roxanne was growing up into a beautiful young lady. She seemed to have fallen hard for that Riley boy.  He'd have to start watching them a little more closely!

 Maybe his kids needed a distraction from all the partying...

(Okay, you can get a cat! Geez! Quit begging already!)

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  1. hahaha look at those pet wishes! Sometimes they are just really fixated. Looks like party town in this house.


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