March 28, 2012

Carters (3) - Round 20

Jesse was psyched - he'd graduated top honors from school and had earned the nickname Big Man on Campus because of his legendary conquests.  He wasn't surprised his old school crush had made a trip out from Sim State Uni to see him - he was just that good.

Not that he was cocky about it.  He knew he had a rocking bod and wasn't shy about showing off...

He just hoped the ladies of Paradise Valley were ready for him!

Since coming back from Sim State Uni, Jesse spent his time playing and romancing girls.  He didn't even consider getting a job.  Why should he? His parents had plenty of money!

Jesse heard the edger kick up again, pounding in his head. He'd been up in the hot tub the night before with some hottie from Sim State.  It was too early for the gardener! Jesse stuffed him head under the pillow until the drumming in his head stopped.  It didn't stop.

Throwing on his robe, he stomped outside and shoved some cash in the gardener's hands.  "Christ, it's too loud!" he complained.  "For the love of God, stop using the loud crap right outside my window!" 

"But, Sir, your Mother wants the place to be pristine when the Garden Club comes to inspect it today."

"Ugh. I'll take care of that. Just... shhhhh...."

It was definitely handy that the Garden Club representative was a girl, Jesse thought.  As if sensing Jesse needed all the luck he could get, it started to hail.  Throwing his hand over his head, he called out to her, "Come in the garage, out of the hail!"

Once they were both in safely, Jesse laid on the charm.  "Now that we're stranded, tell me something about yourself..."

He wasn't surprised that they got in the Garden Club.  He knew he'd made a great impression on her...

She seemed pretty ticked to catch him flirting with the mailman, though.

It made Jesse sad that he never got to tell him Mom about the Garden Club... 

Whoa, Jesse thought, that chick is hot!

"As I was saying, Sir.  Prank calling 9-1-1 is a crime and it is not a joke.  Please speak with everyone in your household about the seriousness.  If it happens again, then you'll get more than just a ticket," she lectured.

Brett glanced up and caught Jesse's eye, glaring.  "Yes, Ma'am.  I will speak to everyone to let them know it won't be tolerated."

"Thank you, Sir. I'm sorry to have had to come down so hard. Have a nice night."

Brett stomped over to Jesse.  "Are you kidding? You prank called the emergency line? I thought you'd start to grow up alittle bit, but you just seem set on acting like a child!  Grow up, Jesse!" Brett griped as he slapped the ticket against Jesse's check.  "And pay the ticket."

Jesse watched his Dad storm off and was offended.  "It wasn't that big of a deal!" Jesse shouted after his Dad.  "I'll pay the ticket! Geez!"  Jesse fumed.  He wasn't going to talk to Dad again until he apologized for treating him like a kid.

The next day....

"Look, if you're here to give me another lecture about calling..."

Valerie cleared her throat.  "Sir, I'm here to inform you that your Aunt Ellen called 9-1-1..."

Jesse rolled his eyes.  "Then go yell at her."

Valerie just continued on, pretending he hadn't said anything, "...and your Father was found unresponsive in the driveway."

Jesse's face paled.  He could hear Aunt Ellen sobbing in her room.  "Don't say it," he said quickly.  If she didn't say it, it wasn't real.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Carter.  But, your Father didn't make it."

Jesse's knees gave out and he sank down to the couch.  He vaguely heard the officer offering her sympathies.  "...if there's anything I can do for you..."

Jesse's heart hurt. Dad was gone. And the very last thing he'd said to him was to grow up...

Professor Vincent tried tiptoeing around his wife Ellen and his nephew Jesse.  They were in mourning after the loss of Brett & Ericka.  He'd hoped the little puppy, Shadow, would bring some festivity to the household... but... the outlook was pretty bleak.   With shaking hands, Vincent brought the puppy to the food bowl.  He'd started shaking a little more every day, but was worried about bringing it to Ellen's attention. He'd make a doctor's appointment soon... just not yet...

Ellen found him outside by the puppies he'd loved so very much.

Jesse knew it was time to make some life changes.  He broke down and got a job in the music field after deciding 20 different partners was a problem...

He hoped his parents would be proud....

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  1. Yeah sometimes it takes a traumatic event to make a Sim grow up. Errr is there something crazy about that puppy picture or am I seeing things???


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