March 5, 2012

Carters (2) - Round 20

Perry loved going for nature walks with his grandson, Jennings.  Jennings had just needed a little extra attention, that was all!  A few leisurely strolls with him and already Jennings moods were improving.

Ross was so glad that his Dad had taken Jennings under his wing.  At first he'd been worried he'd raised a problem-child, but to see how Jennings had flourished with a little extra attention had been humbling.

"Dad? What's wrong with Grandpa?" Jennings called out after rough-housing with Perry.  "Dad! Come quick!"  Jennings didn't feel like a child anymore.  He'd just been playing around and all of a sudden Grandpa had keeled over. It felt like it was all his fault...

Ross rushed over, but it was too late. 

Perry had passed away.

The twins seemed to handle it okay... seeking comfort from their friends.

Brett Carter came to a party & apparently had no problem stripping down & taking a shower in front of the girls.   *rolls eyes*

Jane had dated River McMillan for most of her freshman year, but after meeting Daniel Carter she was struck by the love bug.

The two were inseparable after that moment.

River didn't take it well.  He often came over unannounced and pretended to be there to hang out with Melvin, shooting daggers over at Jane & Daniel.

A mechanical train misfire! How does the whole stupid thing explode into flame?!

Jennings heard Jane cry out for help and saw the flame. Acting quickly, he grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran to put the flames out.

"So you saved your sister from a fire?" Meadow McMillan gushed.  "That makes you, like, a hero!"

Jennings tried to play it cool.  "You know, I just did what had to be done. Anyone would've done the same..."

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  1. How traumatic for a child to see grampy go. So sad. LOL @ Brett!!! Wow another accidental fire? Really? Glad Jane is OKAY! :) (Erm, Ediwn where are you, missed you on this lot!!!)


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