February 17, 2012

Tans - Round 19

Jenny laughed and teased Curtis Trang, "So are you going to come over and show me how to make that lobster thermidor or not?"

She heard Curtis pacing on the other end.  "Well you have to be careful. It might be too much for a little girl, like yourself."

"Please! I can handle it!"

"You sure?"

"Oh yeah... I like it a little hot!"

Jenny waited for a response, but there was none.  "Curtis?" she asked.

"Let me come over Jenny. I need to see you again."

Need slammed into Jenny.  "Come over. Now. I'll tell Ryder we're working on a recipe."

"Working on what recipe?" came a voice from behind her.

Jenny gasped as she spun around. "Mom!"

Natalie frowned at Jenny.  "What's going on?"

"Nothing, Mom. I'm working on recipes with Curtis, that's all."

Natalie slowly shook her head, "If your Father were alive..."  She sighed as she walked away.  Her daughter was a grown woman and fully capable of minding her own affairs.  Ha!  she thought, with some irony.  Jenny could certainly handle her own affairs.

Jenny let Curtis in and made small talk with Quinn about the restaurant.  Finally, Curtis asked pointedly if she'd found that recipe she'd been telling him about.

"What recipe?" she asked, clueless.

Pointedly, Curtis nudged his head towards the room, "You know? The spicy lobster recipe.  I think you said you put it in the closet."

"OH! That recipe! Yeah, it's in the closet. Come here, I'll show it to you!" Hands sweating, Jenny led Curtis into their room while Quinn merely flipped through the channels.

Nervously, Jenny glanced back to see if he was watching them, but he mostly looked bored.

She stepped into the room and shut the door.  Curtis immediately grabbed her and kissed her.  "I think about you all the time!" he told her.

Jenny ran her hands through his hair.  "I think about you all the time, too!"

Jenny glanced around the room, then pulled him into the closet.  "I did say I would show you something spicy in the closet! I wouldn't want to be a liar!" she teased.

Afterwards, with quick kisses and lingering touches, Jenny kissed him goodbye and heard him announce to Quinn that he was going to make some spicy lobster thermidor for dinner tonight thanks to his wife.  Quinn just grunted.  Jenny held her breath after Curtis left, but Quinn didn't come in.

God, she thought, sneaking around was so hard!

Quinn finally grew tired of watching the re-run cooking shows and decided to go to sleep.  He crept in the room and stared at Jenny.  Man, he'd really messed up this marriage. All because he liked the thrill of the chase. But, he was trying to turn that around. He hoped Jenny noticed.

Sliding in bed behind her, he kissed her neck and asked if she was awake. 

Jenny mumbled something about lobster, then turned around and started kissing him.

Quinn felt his heart sing. She'd forgiven him! FINALLY!

Jenny was surprised her Mom wasn't up and bustling around in the morning like usual.  Knocking on her door, she called out, "Mom, are you feeling okay?"  No reply. 

Jenny waited a moment, then called out, "Mom, I'm coming in."

Tears sprang to Jenny's eyes when she saw that Mom had passed away.  "Be happy with Dad," Jenny told her sadly.

Jenny knew her cycle like clockwork and without a doubt, the clock was knocked up.  She wondered how Quinn would take the news. 

"This is GREAT news!" Quinn told her, hugging her tight.  "It's like a second chance... or a third... whatever... it's a new start for us!"

Jenny wrung her hands together.  "Are you sure? I mean... you had said you didn't want anymore kids?"

Quinn kissed the top of her head. "I can't wait! This time it's going to be different!"

"What's going to be different, Dad?" Quincy asked. 

"Mom's having a baby! You're going to be a big brother!" Quinn told him excitedly.

"That's awesome!" Quincy cried as he ran forward to hug Jenny.  "I can't wait!" he told her.

Jenny looked into their smiling faces and felt a heavy weight lift off of her. Maybe this would be okay, after all.

Her third pregnancy seemed to fly by. Thank God Krista was a teen and could take care of Quincy for her, because Jenny spent most of her time in bed resting.

But finally, it was time to deliver!

A beautiful baby boy!

Krista grumbled, "I didn't realize I would get stuck with babysitting all the time!" 

Jenny smiled as she adjusted her chef's hat.  "Don't complain, Dear.  What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Krista's nose wrinkled, "Will you at least change his diaper before you go to work?" she asked.

Jenny hesitated a moment. "I really have to go.  You've changed them before! You'll be fine!"


Jenny was surprised when she came home to find Curtis waiting in the livingroom.  She'd cut off any contact with him months ago!

"Curtis?" she asked, "What are you doing here?"

When he turned around, she saw what he was holding...

"We need to talk, Jenny," he said angrily.

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  1. Haha love all the sneaking around in this neighborhood. Woops the boy looks just like Curtis...


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