February 2, 2012

Steeles - Round 19

Malcolm ran out to greet Mandy.  "Hey Sis! It's great to see you!"

Mandy hugged Malcolm.  "It's amazing, but what a sight for sore eyes you are!"

"Hey, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to get to work.  I'll see you tonight, okay?"

Mandy watched her little brother run off to catch his carpool.  He was growing up so fast!

"How is school, sweetie?" Evelyn asked. 

"Oh, it's going well. I have a 4.0 right now."

"Wonderful! You're not worrying about boys too much, are you?"

Mandy almost spit her food out.  "What? Why?!"

Evelyn smiled.  "Well, in your first few emails home, you talked about that boy Jesse quite a bit.  Is there anything you want to tell us about that?"

"Oh good God, no!" Mandy exclaimed.  Tell her parents about Jesse?! She'd rather be carried off by a rabid horde of bees than talk to her parents about her love life.  "Just drop it, okay?"

Mason patted Mandy's hand.  "She wasn't trying to upset you.  We're very proud of you."

Mandy smiled.  "I know you are. Thanks."

Malcolm called out to his Dad as he looked through the telescope, "Too bad I missed Mandy! How's she doing?"

Mason stooped down to see if that was a beetle he saw.  Distracted for a moment, he didn't reply.  Finally, determining that it was actually a piece of bark from the mulch, he called out, "Oh, she's doing well.  Has a 4.0. Making lots of friends."

"And no boyfriend!" Evelyn called out.

Malcolm rolled his eyes.  He didn't know why she was so obsessed with getting her kids married off! It's not like she was a Family sim.  When he'd brought Marion home for the second night in a row, she'd had lots of questions!  He'd tried saying that they were just work friends, but she was persistent!  He'd finally admitted that he liked her a lot.

Every night, Mason & Rex liked to go take a hike together.  He told Evelyn was good to get some fresh air.  "Come on, Rex.  Are you ready to go for a walk?" he asked.

Rex barked and spun around in circles.

"Good boy! Let's go get your leash!"

That night, though... Rex got off his leash and had run off to chase a squirrel or something through the bushes.  Mason had called to Rex, but Rex hadn't returned.  Mason spent an hour walking around in the cold, trying to find him.

No luck.

He'd received a call the next day from the city pound.  They'd received a report about a stray dog that had been injured after being hit by a car.  The city vet had attempted to save the poor thing, but there wasn't anything they could do.

Rex was gone.

Now who was he supposed to go hiking with, Mason wondered.  Evelyn wasn't interested in being out in nature.  She was a city-girl.

Sighing, Mason geared up to go for a walk in the brisk night air.  He was out the door when Evelyn came hurrying after him, bundled up.

"Wait up," she called.

"What are you doing?" Mason asked.

"Well, we're going for a walk, aren't we?" she asked.

Mason's heart fluttered.  "You're going to come with me?"

"Of course, silly. This will be fun.  Me. You. And nature!"

Mason knew she was going to hate every moment of it.  But, she was doing it for him!  Reaching over, he pulled her into a big hug.  "I love you, Evelyn Potter Steele!"


  1. I know! Mason kept rolling wants to go for a hike & I'm sure he loved taking little Rex with him! I'm not even sure how poor Rex passed away! The grave just appeared on the side of the driveway one afternoon.


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