February 20, 2012

Sim State Uni - 15th Class

 Alyssa Johnston, Marisa Carter, Helen McMillan, Gloria Carter & Ruby Bear

 Lance Russell & Matt Hart

 Sabrina Potter, Heather Reed, Rebeka Pai, & Madison Bertino

Alan Potter & Malcolm Steele

Marion Fuchs (Malcolm Steele's co-worker)
The first thing Sabrina did when she stepped foot in the door was to call up some boys to come over and party!

Madison was shocked to see Matt at their dorm.  They hadn't dated long, but there was just something about him.  "Friends?" she asked.  "Let's not bring our ridiculous high school drama here, okay?"

Matt shrugged. "Yeah, whatever," he agreed.   He didn't have time to harbor a grudge - he just wanted to date!

Inside, Jesse scoped out Sabrina.  She'd grown up and filled out and was here in the flesh... no Daddy to upset...

Going with his instincts, he swept in for the kill...

Besides, Sabrina knew the score... she wanted to fall in love with him as much he wanted to fall in love with her!

(Aw, but they DO want to fall in love with each other!)

And he was right - they were cut from the same cloth...
Madison invited Matt over, hoping that she'd get a chance to pull him aside to tell him something...

But, before she was able to talk to him, Sabrina Potter had managed to sink her claws into him...

Figured, she thought sadly.

Long after Matt left, Madison tried to reign in her temper.  The wait didn't help.   "Look, if you're not serious with my cousin, Jesse, you should just let him know!" Madison accused.

Sabrina held her hand out to stave off Madison.  "Whoa," she said, "Jesse knows we're not serious. We're just fooling around!"

"Well, keep your hands off Matt!" 

Sabrina put her hand on her hip. "Or what?" she said with a laugh.  "You want to fight for him? Ridiculous!"

Madison crossed her arms. "I don't like you one bit, Sabrina Potter."

"Your loss," Sabrina teased as she turned away. "If you'll excuse me..."

Sabrina primped quickly before Caleb came over.  She wanted to make a good impression!  She knew that most girls probably hated her - but she knew most boys loved her!

It wasn't long before she had Caleb eating out of her hand.  Leaning in, she caressed his cheek and whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

Unfortunately, Caleb happened to catch Sabrina making out with Jesse later that night.

"Damn!" Sabrina swore under her breath as she ran after Caleb.  "Don't be mad, Caleb!"  

Caleb apparently didn't listen as he stormed off in a huff.  

"Oh come on!" Sabrina yelled.  "I never said we were exclusive!"

Marion kissed Malcolm hello.  "You would not believe these crazy girls!" she told him.

Malcolm laughed. "Oh yeah  I would! I went to school with them! That's why I love you so much!"

Gloria wasn't interested in the guys her age- she was attracted to older, more sophisticated men!  Like the maid...

 Or the Coach... Wow! He rang all her bells!

 Her sister, Marisa, however, fell hardcore for Drake Pai.  Gloria had no idea what she saw in him, but whatever - that was her sister's business!

Sabrina best friend and sometimes confident, Patrick Rauscher, appeared to have a thing for Alyssa Johnston.

 And after an afternoon of goofing around...

And a few innocent touches...

Madison and Matt gave in to a little passion...

Sim State Uni - 16th Class

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