February 17, 2012

Round 19 Prom Night

"Welcome to your Prom!" Ms. Caretaker announced as the students began trickling in to dance and mingle.

She loved to see everyone have a good time and jump straight into dancing. 

Gloria pushed Jackie.  "You wore the same dress as me! I told you I was going to wear this one!"

Jackie shoved her back.  "No you didn't! You told me you were wearing the long silver one!" she accused.

Gloria couldn't believe they were wearing the same dress! Oh well, it was obvious who looked better in it!

Malcolm stared at Heather, wondering who she'd brought as a date.  Not that he cared... he just wanted to know!  It made him sad that they'd slowly drifted apart over the last few months.  He guessed it shouldn't matter anyways, he was with Marion now.  Man, he wished Marion could've come!  Then he wouldn't be standing here wishing he had the nerve to ask Heather to dance!

Grabbing a plate of salad, he sat down next to Lestat.  "Hey," Malcolm greeted him.

Lestat looked over at Malcolm, then went straight back to staring at Christa.  "She looks like she's having fun, doesn't she?" Lestat asked.

Malcolm glanced over. "Yeah, I guess so."

Lestat nodded.  "Good. That's good."

Lance sat at a table with beautiful girls.  "Hey, you're all looking great tonight," he told them.

On cue, all three girls blushed. 

Man, his Dad sure knew a lot of good stuff about sports & girls!

"I'd like your attention, boys & girls," Ms. Caretaker called out over the microphone.  "It's time to crown the king & queen!"

Congratulations, Matt Hart & Michelle McMillan!

After the clapping died down, Matt jokingly spun Michelle around a couple times and then danced like a 70's disco divo.  He had the room in stitches before the end of the song.  Michelle laughed and nudged his shoulder.  "You're such a goof-ball, Matt."

Matt grinned.  "I know! But, hey! At least I have fun!"

The night was coming to close. 

Ms. Caretaker watched as the couples drifted towards each other. 
Lestat hugged Christa.  "I had a wonderful night tonight," he told her. "I just wish we could be together every night like this!"

Christa chewed on her lip.  "Lestat, I really, really like you. But this is too intense for me! I... I need a break!" she cried. 

Lestat opened his mouth to ask her to stay, but she'd turned around and run away.

Like his very own Cinderella!

Alyssa was having trouble of her own.  Alan had seen her kiss Lance and the boys had gotten in a fight.

"Guys! Stop it!" she demanded.  "You're ruining my night!"

Lance glared at her.  "And you don't think this ruined my night? Why did you act like you were interested if you had a boyfriend! God, Alyssa!"

Alan glowered at them both.  "I can't believe you would cheat on me! You have to choose. Right now! Me or him!"

Lance glared, "You know what, I'll make it easy! I'm out!"  Alyssa watched him storm off.

Alan tentatively smiled as he grabbed Alyssa's hands.  "So maybe we can go from here?" he asked.

Alyssa wiped the tears from her eyes.  "I... I don't know... what I want..." she cried, running for the bathroom.

Alan watched Alyssa run out of the empty room. 


What a great Prom this turned out to be, he thought sourly.

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  1. Just like a real prom. Lots of dancing, laughing, maybe some jealousy. haha!


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