February 17, 2012

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 19

Dana was so excited that the kids were mostly grown and able to take care of themselves.  Feeling the home was too empty, she decided to help out at the school part-time.  She felt she could make a real difference!

Only, one thing after another seemed to go wrong & she was finally sent home in shame after serving the children orange slices to calm them down.  Who knew there was an orange allergy!

Joshua came home, excited to tell Dana about his promotion.  He'd finally reached the top.

Only, he found her outside, sad and embarrassed that it had been suggested her help wasn't needed.

"Do you want me to talk to them honey?" he asked, concerned.  "If you really want to work outside of the house, I can arrange it!"

Dana sighed and stroked his cheek.  "No, I love that you would do that for me, but perhaps it's best.  I've raised our kids so well, I just thought I might help make a difference. But, the public school system was so different from what I was used to!"

Joshua cringed when he heard a car come speeding down the road with the radio blaring.  Wheels screeched as it pulled into their drive and kids boisterously toppled out.

"Speaking of our  kids..." Dana sighed.

Regan laughed at the joke Gloria was telling her.  She was so glad some of her friends  had come home with them.  Maybe Mom would make them some hamburgers for lunch!

Inside, she couldn't help but notice David McMillan.

"Come on David, let's go toss the ball around," she told, happy to get him alone.

"Good game," David said, rubbing her shoulders.

Regan stretched. "That felt good." she sighed as she fluttered her lashes.

David smiled.

Ruby couldn't believe she was doing it. She was sneaking out of the house for the first time! This was going to be the best night EVER!

"Are you Mrs. Bear?" the officer asked when Dana opened the door.

"Is everything alright?" Dana asked, wondering what was going on.

"We found your daughter, Ruby, out past curfew."

Dana stormed out the door and saw Ruby at the curb, fretting.  "Ruby Bear! What on Earth has gotten into you?!" she demanded.

Ruby shrugged as she looked down at her hands.

"Well! Speak up!" Dana pushed.  "This isn't like you!"

Ruby was so embarrassed! She couldn't believe they'd been caught.  "I don't know, Mom! I just... well.. I just was going out to have some fun."

"With who? A boy?"

Ruby made a face. "Yeah..."

"Oh, jumping jellybeans!" Dana exclaimed in anger. "A boy! Do you know what sort of things could happen!? You could get pregnant."

Ruby snickered.  "I'm pretty sure that wasn't  a possibility! You have to have sex to get pregnant, Mom!"

Dana glared. "Don't be smart with me, young lady! I'm perfectly aware of how one gets pregnant. You are grounded! No boys!"

Ruby frowned. "Moooom! It wasn't like that! It wasn't a date! It was just a bunch of friends getting together!"

Dana pointed inside. "Go! Now! To bed!"

Riley ate his toaster pastry the next morning and avoided looking anywhere near Mom or Ruby.  They were doing their female-fight thing.  Man, girls were weird, he thought.

Well, girls except Jane, of course! Jane was amazing! ZSweet! Kind! Just amazing!

Rachel woke up when she heard her sister rustling around the room.  Blinking, she looked up.  "What are you doing Ruby?"

"Nothing, Rachel, go back to bed."

Rachel sat up. "No really, where are you going?"

Ruby sighed, "Out."

"Are you going out to get a baby!" Ruby asked.

Ruby laughed. "No! Where did you hear that?!"

"Mom said that you were sneaking out at night and you were going to get a baby."

Ruby rolled her eyes. "God! I'm just going out with some friends! Don't tell, okay?"

Rachel rolled over in her bed and smiled.  "I can't wait until I can go out with friends!"

Patrick smiled when Ruby jumped in the car.  "Hit it, Patrick. Let's go!"

Patrick started the engine and pulled away from the curb.  "I almost left without you! I didn't want your Mom catching me out her. She scares me!"

Ruby laughed. "It's not my Mom you should be scared of - it's my Dad!"

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  1. Love teenagers sneaking out. hehehe Of course mothers think the daughters are automatically going to get pregnant!!!!


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