February 2, 2012

Reeds - Round 19

Michael thought Christa was a pretty cool chick.  Alittle quiet and mousy, but pretty cool, anyways.  They'd sat around one afternoon talking for hours with Heather until it was time for her to go home.  She said her folks liked her to get home before dark.

"You live on the beach, right?" Heather asked.

Christa nodded. "Yeah."

"You should totally have a beach party or a slumber party! That would be so much fun!"

Christa shifted, looking uncomfortable.  "I... ummm... don't think my folks would let me have a slumber party.  It'd be too weird..."

Heather glanced at Michael, then back at Christa.  "Too weird? Huh? Why?"

Christa popped up and then dusted off her skirt.  "Sorry guys, but I have to get home.  Nice talking to you!"

Heather watched Christa hurry out the door.  "What just happened?" she asked, confused.

Michael shrugged.  Who knew, he thought, girls were crazy!

Cheryl invited all the Paradise Bay teachers over to talk.  "It seems that some of us feel that we could offer our children a better education.  Casey, in particular, has been doing research on ways to make a difference."

Edward Carpenter frowned.  "But, it will be hard to change our system! And we've already gone on this long without a formal institution."

"But look how many children are leaving the public education system for private schools.  That must say something about the way we run our schools," Joshua Bear added.

Casey held his hand up. "Look, all I'm saying is that we could do the schools differently! Give children projects to complete over the course of a year, have field trips, graduation requirements. More hands on learning.  It's worked over at Apple Valley & Crystal Creek!"

Cheryl nodded thoughtfully.  "Very interesting points.  Perhaps we should consider all these points & agree to meet back at a later time to see if it's possible to implement some changes."

Edward grumbled.  "It'll be too hard to change! Think of all the added work!"

Casey shrugged.  "I'm just saying it'd be neat to do things differently."

Cheryl interjected, "I agree.  I look forward to making these changes, we just need to figure out the logistics.  There! Now that that is settled, let's have some gelatin!"

 Twins Cora & Nicole loved playing together.  "Now let's pretend that her boyfriend is in the car and they're going to go to the ball," Cora said.

"Wait! Let's pretend that it's actually her brother and they work together. So they're going to go open a bakery!"

"Nicole! I already said it's her boyfriend! You keep trying to change things!"

"Nuh uh," Nicole argued.  "You just always make it her boyfriend! I want it to be her brother!"

"That's it! I'm out," Cora yelled as she tossed the car down.

"Fine! It can be her boyfriend."

Cora smiled and sat back down.  "Okay, and let's pretend they're going to get married."

Cheryl and Charles went outside to have a cocktail and to talk.  Leaning back in the chairs, she smiled.  "It's hard to imagine this much time has gone by! Do you remember our wedding day?"

"Remember? How could I forget?! I was so nervous!"

Cheryl laughed. "Well you were so handsome.  I couldn't believe how lucky I was!"

Charles sighed.  "One of the things that pushed me to realize how much I loved you was that I lost my Dad.  It's weird thinking that I'm about the same age as he was when he passed.  I just want more time with the kids, you know?"

Cheryl patted his hand.  "Don't worry about that.  We have plenty of time with them. You're still a young man!"

Charles laughed. "Not quite the spring duck anymore, am I?"

Heather couldn't wait to go off to college.  Graduation was coming up fast and she was so excited.  If there was anyone that would understand, it was Drake.  She couldn't believe he'd driven all the way from Sim State Uni to see her.

"Hey Drake, how's it going," she said after hugging him.

"It would be better if you were there!" he said sadly.  "I dunno. I keep arguing with Arthur Potter. And the guys, well, they make fun of me."

Heather wrinkled her nose. "That stinks! Is it fun there, though? Gosh! I can't wait to go!"

Drake smiled.  "I'm looking forward to it, too." Pausing, he passed his hand through his hair. "You know, Prom will be here before long.  Are you... taking... anyone?" he asked.

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  1. The piece with the siblings playins is amazing *-*! And good luck with the school system!

  2. Heather and Drake? :) Nice plug for other great blogs out there. :)


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