February 18, 2012

Reeds (3) - Round 19

Kate's eyes met Ralph's from across the room as they sang happy birthday to their third child, little Miss Victoria.  She was so happy that they had such a wonderful house full of love and laughter!

Victoria grabbed a slice of cake.  Yummy! she thought.  My favorite!

"Katherine, am I going to like school?" Victoria asked the next morning over pancakes.

"Oh yeah, you'll love it!" Katherine assured her.  "And next year, I'm going to middle school! I can't wait!"

Kate couldn't wait to tell Ralph that they were expecting another bundle of joy.  They'd both talked about raising six beautiful, intelligent children and then retiring to rockers on the porch to enjoy their golden years.  This would be their 5th child!

"Mom?! You're pregnant again?!" Katherine asked in amazement. "Aren't you getting too old for that?"

Kate swung her head towards her daughter.  "Katerine Reed! That was an incredibly rude thing to say!"

"Sorry, Mom. It's just that... well... another baby?" Katherine was quiet for a moment, then asked, "Do you think you're addicted to being pregnant? I saw this Maury show where the Mom didn't want to stop having baby's..."

"That's enough!" Kate interrupted.  "I am not addicted to having baby's.  Why don't you go to your room and do your homework."

Katherine groused, but did as she was told.

Kate sighed.  They're born & you can't wait for them to talk... and then they grow up and you couldn't make them stop!

"Ralph! You're home!" Kate said when she saw him walk through the door. "You'll never believe what your daughter said today!"  Kate relayed the story, laughing all the while.

Ralph let loose a loud chuckle. "She didn't? Oh man! Where do kids get it from?"

Kate laughed.  "Apparently on Maury..."

Walker was used to baby duty. And he didn't mind that much.  "Come on Victoria. Let's get you to bed," he said.

Welcome to the world little Miss Vanessa!

Katherine had a few friends over and had a crush on Jeremy Carter.

But Jeremy wasn't the one that seemed to be very interested in her...

Edwin had told her he thought she was hot to trot... and strangely... that seemed to work for her...

Walker seemed to have a thing for Rachel Bear, though.   Katherine told him that she was WAY out of his league!

"Katherine & Edwin sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." Theresa teased when she came out of her room and saw Katherine kissing him.

Katherine turned around and glared.  "Hush!" she admonished.  "Go play in your room!"

Theresa made a face. "I can't! Theresa went poo-poo in her diaper and is crying!'

Katherine sighed.  "I'll be back Edwin... don't go anywhere!"

"There you go! Fresh and clean, little miss Vanessa." Kate snuggled her baby sister.  "You're certainly a little cutie.  Let's go find Mom & say goodnight!"

 Kate kissed all her children goodnight.  She wondered if they'd have another little girl...

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  1. Wow can't stop with the babies! Well that is the way it is when there is a Family LTW...


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