February 17, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 19

Bronadir knew he looked good.  The ladies all dropped like petals at his feet...

It seemed that these ladies couldn't get enough of his plant-style lovin'.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Wilson told Veronica Carter.  "Without you vouching for me, I doubt I would've reached the top of the game!"

Veronica smiled.  "Well you deserved it, dear."

"Well, feel free to make yourself at home.  I'll go get dinner ready."

After dinner and a cocktail, Veronica decided to go soak in the natural springs.   

Bronadir had been struck by Veronica's beauty the moment her first saw her.  Now there was a woman who knew how to handle herself! Secure in her sexuality & her beauty! He had attempted to chat with her, but she'd rebuffed him.

That never happened!

Maybe he was losing his game!

Bronadir followed her around like a love-sick puppy, intent on making a connection...

And apparently love was in the air.  Aithel jumped into Rudhon's waiting arms.  (Ew! Aithel & Rudhon! That is wrong on so many levels! He's your great-great-grandfather! Put her down this instant Rudhon. Right now! And while you're at it - quit having 3 bolts for each other!)

Rosa loved living here in the Glen. Really she did.  There were plenty of people to talk to, laugh with and the family was so happy and friendly.

She never felt lonely...

And she had reached the top of her career...

She had a lot to be thankful for.

But there was something her life was lacking...

Wilson walked in silently behind Rosa, feeling an urge to comfort her.  "Are you okay, Rosa?"

Rosa wiped a tear away and glanced back.  "I just... I want to be a mother so badly.  I don't know why we haven't been blessed with one yet!"

Wilson wrapped his arms around his wife.  "It will happen when the time is right, I promise."

Rosa nodded, still staring at the empty crib.  "I know..." she said softly.

Wilbur tended to his late wife's grave.  "I miss you like crazy, Amy," he told her.  "Wilson's grown and starting a family of his own.  Phillip as away at school.  Your off-spring Aithel is a beauty.  You held us together though, baby.  We miss you!  I'll join you soon, though.  Soon..."

Creelmans - Round 19         Reeds (2) - Round 20


  1. Rudhon... Wilbur... either of you want to volunteer to drink some insecticide? Rosa wants a baby!! Gaeron, come on - you know you don't do anything around the house! *sighs*

  2. Yay for Plant Sim! Aww I feel sorry for Rosa.


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