February 24, 2012

Potters - Round 20

Arthur stood in front of his parents little pink house.  Images of his twin brother played through his mind like a movie reel.  He saw them running & playing tag, playing cops & robbers... and then later, talking about girls & dreaming about college...


Where it was all supposed to happen.  Their lives were going to have some sort of meaning after college.

Instead, he lost his brother.

No one was really sure what had happened  to cause the freak accident, but the ensuing chaos had claimed his brother's life  & seriously injured a few of their classmates.

"Dad," Arthur's voice broke as he hugged his Levi.  "The place still looks the same!"

Levi heartily hugged Arthur back.  "It hasn't changed a bit!" Looking down, Levi jerked his head towards the twins room.  "I haven't touched it. It just didn't feel right..."

Arthur nodded wordlessly before heading down the hall to his old room.

Sighing, he lovingly stroked the sheets.  "I miss you brother."

"Arthur?" Levi called out, distracting him.  "Do you want some pancakes like I made when you were little?"

Arthur smiled, picturing the funny-faced pancakes Dad used to flop onto their plates.  "I'd love to Dad, but I actually have to get to work! First day of the job!"

Levi walked down the hall to his boys' room.  "I'm proud of you, son.  We'll celebrate this evening when you get home."  Stopping to hug Arthur one more time, he said, "It's good to have you home."

Levi got in the car, feeling strangely refreshed.  It was good to be home.

"Mom, look! A+! Does that mean I get to go to that party this weekend?" Violet begged.  (FYI - I have never seen a teenager get that excited about their grades before!)

Gwen smiled.  "Well, I suppose it shouldn't hurt.  Let me talk to your Dad about it first, though."

"Levi! I'm trying to talk to you!" Gwen slapped at Levi's roving hands, laughing at her husbands antics.  "Quit it! That tickles!"

Levi play growled as he pulled Gwen into an embrace.  "What were you saying?" he whispered in her ear.

All her thoughts flew out of her head.  "Umm..."

"She was going to ask if I can go to that party this weekend AND I'm RIGHT here," Violet said from the other room.

Levi turned to look at his youngest.  "Oh. There you are. I didn't see you!"

Violet rolled her eyes. "You said hi to me when you walked in, Dad."

Gwen smiled and smacked Levi on the shoulder. "You're incorrigible! Your daughter got an A+ this semester," she bragged.

Levi grumbled. "Alright, you can go!"


When the phone started ringing, she called, "It's for me!" as she rushed to answer.

"Oh, hi Edwin. Umm... I think the assignment was for pages 23-41.  Yeah. Yeah. Sure, come on over, we can read it together."  (FYI - Edwin called her up out of the blue to talk. They began at 0/0 lifetime & talked for 2-3 hours until they were friends. Wow! He's a charmer!)

Violet ran to the bathroom to put on her make-up & brush her teeth.  Edwin was coming over. HERE!

Their homework long done, Violet was having fun with Edwin.  After a long pause as Violet tried to think of something to say, Edwin said out of the blue, "Let me kiss you!"

"What? No!?" Violet had said, surprised.

"Paper, Rock, Scissors for it?"

"What?" she asked again.

"Come on, we'll play a game of paper-rock-scissors.  If you win, I'll go home. If I win, then I get to kiss you."

Butterflies played in Violet's stomach and she tried to act a lot less interested than she truly was.  Shrugging, she said, "Okay."

"Oh yeah! I won!" Edwin gloated.

Violet leaned forward and kissed Edwin quickly, pulling away after their lips touched.  "There!"

Edwin just smiled. "You call that a kiss?"

Violet crossed her arms, shivering in the cold air.  "You didn't say what kind of kiss!"

Edwin hugged her goodbye & whispered in her ear, "Call me when you want a real kiss. Then we'll compare..."


It was hard for Arthur to maintain his long distance relationship with Helen.  But, she was worth it. And, she wouldn't be in college for long.

He just hoped she didn't forget about him!

Levi settled into his chair to read the remaining chapters in his mechanical book.  The phone ringing again had his rolling his eyes.   He heard Violet yell out, "I got it!"

Disgruntled, he put his book to the side and huffed.  "That girl gets more calls than a call center!"

Gwen patted his knee.  "Calm down, Levi.  She's a good girl."

Hmph, Levi thought.

Wandering into the kitchen, he began clearing dishes away and banging pots and pans.  He ignored Violet's pointed glares and banged the cabinet doors.

"Umm... yeah, I"ll talk to you later Edwin.  Yeah. I miss you, too," she whispered hurriedly before trying to scurry to her room.

"Not so fast, young lady!" Levi called out, stopping her in her tracks.

Violet turned around and yelled, "That was so rude, Dad! If you were talking to a coworker, you would've been so mad at me!"

Levi sighed. "I'm sorry for that, I was just concerned..."

"Dad, I'm not Sabrina!"

"Even so... I think it's time we laid down some ground rules..."


Arthur could still hear Dad & Violet arguing about curfews and boys as he got ready for bed.  He did not envy Dad's job! Walking over to the bed, he picked up the photo he took before he left campus with Helen.  Stroking her pixelated cheek, he hoped graduation came sooner rather than later!

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  1. Poor Levi! He lost his young wife when she lost her memory after hitting her head & then his son to a tragic dorm fire... At least he found the love of his life Gwen!

  2. Levi is having a ruff life...must have the patience of Job. Heh I think Ediwn and Violet are an item. :)


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