February 4, 2012

McMillans - Round 19

Meredith felt that now she could finally stop worrying about making sure Chase and Lacy were taken care of after she passed away.  She had worked hard over 50 years to build a nice little nest egg... if you could call 100k little!

"Happy birthday Chasity!"

 "Oh!" Lindsay started.  "I just felt the baby kick! Chase! I just felt the baby kick!"  Grinning, Lindsay looked at little Chasity.  "Your little sister says happy birthday, too!"

Chase hugged his little girl.  "You're the most beautiful girl in the world," he said happily. "Look at this face, Mom. Isn't she beautiful?"

Meredith beamed.  "She is beautiful. Look! She has your eyes!"

Lindsay tried to find as much time as possible to teach Chasity everything she would need to know.  Which wasn't easy considering the fact that she was 9 months pregnant!

Thankfully she didn't have long to wait until that cute little bundle of joy arrived.  She snuggled Charity close & called Chase to come see his new daughter. 

"Lindsay, how'd you know you wanted to marry my brother?" Lacy asked.

Lindsay thought about it a moment.  "I don't know. We were friends for a really long time.  And then one day we both just realized that we were interested in the other.  And then before I knew it - I was madly in love with him!"  Lindsay saw Lacy toying with her food.  "Why do you ask?"

Lacy flicked the tomatoes off her plate.  "I dunno. There was just this boy I kinda liked. But, I don't know. He kept wanting to kiss me and I wouldn't let him. But, what if I'm supposed to love him?"

Lindsay patted Lacy's hand.  "You're young yet! You'll probably go through a couple break-ups between now & when you marry.  And don't let any boy rush you into anything!"

"Thanks Lindsay! You always know the right thing to say!"

"The right thing to say about what?" Chase asked.

Lindsay glanced over.  "Chase! You got promoted?!" Lindsay jumped and ran over to hug him.  "I'm so happy for you! You've been wanting this part for ages!

Chase hugged Lindsay tight, lifting her up in the air.

Lacy watched her brother with Lindsay and sighed.  She hoped one day she found someone like that!

"Can you believe she's already turning 4?" Lindsay asked.

Chase jiggled Charity on his hip. "No! It felt like just yesterday she was a little baby waking up every 2 hours to let us know she needed something!"

Lindsay held her hands out for Charity.  "Well, hand her over. You need to get ready for your big game!"

Chase snuggled Charity one last time. "I know.. I know..  Give Daddy a kiss for luck, Charity!"

Charity gave him a big, slobbery kiss on his cheek. "MWAH!"

He'd gotten involved with sports after teaching a ballet class to football players.  He'd taught them some core balance moves & they'd taught him some defensive maneuvers.  All in all, it'd been an awesome career move!  Not only did he make better money, but it seemed that sports really turned Lindsay on!

Lindsay should have expected it with as often she & Chance were going at it.  She just couldn't seem to resist her man in a uniform.  And when he came home all sweaty and smelly! Mmmm... she loved it!

It was definitely going to be a challenge raising two young children while being pregnant.

Poor Chance had fallen asleep while trying to take a shower one night.

"Daddy's silly!" Charity giggled.

While Lindsay took a quick nap after dinner.

Thankfully Chasity was a wonderful big sister that loved to play games & sing songs with her little sister.


  1. Wow, when is she due? She looks so tired :\

  2. This was her first trimester! She's luckily made it to her last trimester & is eager to give birth next round!

  3. Wow another happy family. :)


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