February 20, 2012

McMillans (5) - Round 19

Clint took a drive for a few hours to try to clear his head.

Maybe it had been some sort of weird dream brought on by too much woohooing.

A hallucinogen slipped into his drink.

By the time he'd pulled back into his driveway, he'd half convinced himself that it had been imagined. 

The bottle at the bottom of the stairs sealed the deal.

It had happened.

Through some bizarre, freak, random happenstance, he'd given birth to a... a... a green thing!

As he started up the steps, he watched the nanny hightail it to a waiting car.  With a gunning of the engine, she was gone.  Damn.  He'd have to get more dependable help soon...

Opening the door a crack, he peered in.  He heard the green thing squalling from the other room.  What was he supposed to do with it?! 

Tentatively, he picked it up, waiting for it's head to spin & spew some foul liquid on him.  When nothing happened, he grabbed a bottle from the counter and attempted to feed it.  Clint watched the green thing guzzle down the milk from the bottle.

Jiggling it, he said aloud, "Hey, you're not half bad."

Then, feeling a little weirded out, he set it in the crib & called the Nanny Hotline to get a steady nanny.


Solveig cuddled CJ and sang him a song to try to put him to sleep.  He was such a good-tempered baby.   She'd taken this job because she'd been promised time-and-a-half.  Apparently the first nanny had left him high and dry the first day and the father had wanted to make sure that didn't happen again.

But who could run away from this cutie? she thought sadly.  Some people were so silly!

Oh God! Not again! Clint thought frantically.

"What's that noise?" Solveig worried as she hastily put CJ in his bed to keep him safe.  Running out the front yard, she saw a large alien space craft hovering over her carpool.

"BOO!" Gunnar jumped into the picture and startled me to death.  I was too busy watching the aliens kick Clint out of the spaceship to notice he'd come onto the lot until he spooked me!

Yeah, you take that newspaper and run Gunnar! And you'd better be glad I don't play your house for quite awhile! You scared me!

Clint threw the pillow off the bed and went to check on the green thing in the crib.  "What?!" he asked exasperated.  "What do you WANT?!"

Clint stomped over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle and gave it to the kid.

This wasn't working.  There had to be something else...

"Look, Sally..."

Solveig rolled her eyes.  "It's Solveig," she corrected.

Clint look at her blankly, "What?"

"My name is Solveig, not Sally."

"Oh. Okay. Well, Solveig, you've been the kid's nanny for how long? A year?'

Solveig bit her tongue.  "It's been almost a year and a half, Sir."

Clint nodded. "Right, right. Well, what I'm trying to say is, you've been with us awhile. And I can tell you're really close to the kid."

"CJ," she interrupted again.

Clint was getting increasingly frustrated. "Right. CJ. Whatever." He paced the room and pushed his hand through his hair.  "I can tell you're really close to him. And I'd like to offer you permanent employment with us. Exclusively. I can pay you. Whatever you want."

Solveig briefly hesitated.  She was tempted to say no.  But, then she thought of poor CJ, growing up without a father who cared, shut away like a dirty secret.

"I agree. On one condition."

Clint let out the breath he'd been holding while waiting for her answer. "Anything!" he gasped.

"I want you to buy CJ some proper toys for his age.  A little boy like this needs mental stimulation."

"Just make a list and I'll get it!"

Solveig moved into the nursery on a small cot until Clint was able to add on.  But, she didn't mind being close to CJ.  It just added to their bond. She made sure CJ learned all the important toddler skills:

"No, I'm sorry, he's not available right now," Solveig answered the phone for the 5th time in a row.  Sighing, she thought, he doesn't pay me enough to be his secretary!  As it was she hardly had a moment's time to herself!

"I thought you might like to know that a Lakisma called earlier in the day," she said when he plopped down on the couch after work.

Clint sighed. "Ugh, I guess I should give her a call.  Thanks."

"This was great, Clint.  Give me a call later," Lakisma said before grabbing up her clothes and sashaying out of the house.

Tiptoeing out to get some water, he saw Solveig in the livingroom.  "Wow, up late," he remarked.

Solveig glanced over at him, then averted her gaze when she saw he wasn't fully dressed.  "Mmm..." she responded noncommittally.

"Why, Miss Solveig, are you blushing?" he teased.

"I certainly am not!"

Clint thought it was funny that seeing him in his underwear seemed to disconcert her so much.   "If you like, you could always strip down to your undies, too..." he teased.

"That is enough! Do you not take anything seriously?!" she demanded.  "You have a young child in that room down the hall and all you see fit to do is work and play around with girls half your age!"

"Whoa! They're not half my age!" Clint defended himself.  "And I don't answer to you!"

Solveig stepped away. "You're right. You don't answer to me. I just... I love CJ like a son and it breaks my heart to see how much he wants his Father."

"Hey! He has me! I'm here for him! I got him all those toys! I give him a roof over his head! I got him the best Nanny money can buy!"

Solveig shook her head sadly.  "Don't you see? What he needs most is YOU. Oh, why don't you grow up!"

Solveig wished that Clint could see CJ as she saw him.  As a child full of laughter and joy...

A kind studious, intelligent child that yearned to make his Father proud.

Clint watched the play of emotions cross Solveig's face and was entranced.  He saw the love, the devotion, the joy, the sadness... and all of it made him feel so... touched...

Acting on instinct, he pulled her forward into an embrace.

Clint stood at the foot of the bed and watched Solveig get out of bed, avoiding his eye contact.  Clearing his throat, he said, "We need to talk about this..."

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  1. Ah okay. That is why he didn't get preggers again. Too close to his birthday.


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