February 18, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 19

Casey gave Autumn a kiss she would remember!  "I'll see you when you get home, sweetie," he told her.

Autumn glanced back at Meadow to see if had seen her parents making out like teenagers.  "Casey! Not in front of the baby!" she whispered.

Casey rolled his eyes.  "Please! If we didn't kiss in front of the kids - we'd never get to kiss at all! 

Autumn kissed his cheek.  "Oh yeah! Don't forget! Today's the birthday party & all your family will be over!"

"Looking forward to it!" Casey grinned.

"How are you doing, Kevin?" Casey asked.

Kevin sighed.  "I'm doing well! It's hard... but... I'm okay..."  He knew people were genuinely concerned, but this was getting ridiculous! He didn't want people pitying him!

Casey hugged his brother tight.  He just couldn't imagine being able to lose Autumn and then being able to live a normal life afterwards!

"Make way! Look at my A!" Summer cried as she ran past her uncle.

Casey called out, "Good job, Summer!" as she ran past to show her Mom her report card, then turned to face his brother.


Clint nodded. "Casey."

So things were obviously still awkward between them, Casey thought, but at least he made the effort to come this time.  It's almost as if... something had changed in Clint's life...

Happy birthday Summer!

After the candles were blown out, Clint grabbed a pillow from the couch and bopped her Dad in the head.  "Oh you're going to regret that!" Casey called out as he grabbed up another pillow.

Autumn watched the boys go at it and sighed.  What was it about brothers that made 30 year old men act like 6 year old boys?

Meadow laughed when she saw her Dad and Uncle Clint pummeling each other with pillows.  "Go Uncle Clint!" she cheered.

"Uncle Clint?!" her Dad asked in mock outrage.  "You'll pay for that traitor," he called as he ran over to scoop her up and tickle her.

Summer & River laughed and joined in the ruckus until the entire room was fully of flying pillows.

"ENOUGH!" Autumn called out.

Everyone stopped and stared at her like she was crazy.

"I'm in labor!"

The family gathered around to greet the newest little girl, Willow.

River was pretty psyched that Jane Carter came home with him.  She was so much fun, even if she did have a weird fascination with tinkering.. for a girl...

But, she sure could kiss!

Happy birthday Willow!

Meanwhile, Summer developed an infatuation for Edwin, the neighborhood bad boy...  (I like how they both have wants to fall in love with each other! Aw, Edwin has a soft side! Maybe it comes from being surrounded by family sims!)

Autumn knew that Willow was extremely bright, so she made sure to enroll her in school just a tad early.  She wanted to make sure she was with the same group of kids throughout her school years.

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  1. OOhh I remember Clint's wife died....Wow it did seem that Willow grew up fast!

  2. Oh no wait. I am getting ppl mixed up. Clint had the baby. lol


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