February 18, 2012

McMillans (3) - Round 19

It's amazing what your kids will do when you think they're asleep....

Lizzie crept outside to meet with Edwin, this new boy at her school.  He was the kind of bad boy that mothers warned their daughters to avoid.

And she LOVED it!

Lawrence cleared his throat as he sat down next to Lizzie.  "Lizzie, we need to talk..."

Lizzie smiled pleasantly.  "What is it Daddy?"

"Well, your teachers called & said that you haven't been doing your work and..." clearing his throat, he continued, "It seems that you've been caught with a boy at school."

"Oh Daddy, he's just a friend! The teachers are trying to make too big of a deal about it!"

"Were you or were you not kissing him in the cafeteria?"

Lizzie couldn't meet her Dad's eyes. "Umm...."

Lawrence sighed.  "That's what I thought. Well, for the time being you're grounded. You need to get those grades up!"

"But, Daddy!"

"No buts.  School is important. And no more boys!"

Lizzie looked down at her hands. "Yes, Daddy."

Lawrence sighed again.  "Now would be a good time to get started, Lizzie."

Lizzie grumbled under his breath and Lawrence decided he didn't want to know what she was saying.  Stomping to where her homework was piled, she plopped down and started marking through the pages.

"This sucks!" she complained.

Sara felt her belly in the bathroom.  You couldn't tell she was pregnant yet, but she'd taken a test when she'd started feeling nauseated.  Unfortunately, she was only 4 weeks along... there was still a LONG 8 months to go!

Hopefully, the family would adjust well.  She wasn't worried about Chevy. He was such a great kid. But, Lizzie... she was worried how Lizzie would react...

Lizzie knew her Mom wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes, so she called up a friend from school to come over.

As long as he was gone before anyone else got home, she was home-free!

(A grown-up vampire newspaper delivery boy.... nice...)

Sara was amazed by how fast time flew by when you weren't watching...
Little baby boy Lincoln McMillan was born one beautiful morning...

....and she and Lawrence got one more year older...

It was awkward that Sara was sometimes mistaken as Lincoln's grandmother...

What was even more disconcerting is that Lizzie was sometimes mistaken for his mother!

And the girl flirted with boys often enough that Sara was worried to death that Lizzie having a baby might not be out of the realm of possibility.

Thankfully Chevy was starting high school now & might be able to temper his sister...  hopefully...

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  1. OMG look at that paperboy! *Points finger* hehehe! I have never seen that in the game before. Wow Chevy and Lizzie are good looking Sims...


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