February 24, 2012

McMillans - Round 20

Lindsay was so tired from working so hard.  She was Chief of Staff now, and that required alot of extra hours of work and research.  Despite feeling like she was ready to drop down from exhaustion every day, Lindsay continued going to work right up until 2 weeks before her due date. 

She couldn't been happier the day her contractions started...

Welcome to the world little girl Chantel!

After 12 years of marriage & 3 children later, he still sweeps me off my feet, Lindsay thought happily.  She wished everyone could be as happy in love as she was!

Happy Birthday Charity!

Happy Birthday Chasity!

And Happy Birthday Chantel!

Chasity thought she was so special that the coolest boy in school came home with her.  Leaning forward, she gave him a sweet kiss.

"Chasity McMillan!" Chance yelled as he walked up the front walk.  "You get inside and do your homework right now.  And you - I don't want to catch you around my daughter again or I'll call your parents!"

Well that went well, Chance thought as he watched Chasity run inside calling for her Mother & Edwin slinking off with his tail between his legs.

Damn. And he'd had good news to share with the family before he'd caught his oldest testing the romance waters.  He wondered if there were any good convents in Paradise Bay....

Carters (2) - Round 20         McMillans - Round 21

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  1. GAWD there is Ediwn again! And I thought he and Violet made such a great couple. Edwin, you are being a blog hog! LOLOL!!!


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