February 17, 2012

McMillans (2) - Round 19

Conrad gave Tristen a quick kiss goodbye.  "Take care of the little ones.  I'll see you tonight," he told her lovingly.

Tristen tucked her little ones in.  She couldn't believe how fast they were growing! It wouldn't be too long before they were running around and getting into trouble.

"Mom?" Michelle ran in, breathless.  "I have something super, uper, duper big to ask!"

Tristen sighed.  "Michelle, I already told you a million times, I don't want you going on outings with boys."

Michelle glanced towards her brother who had followed behind her to play with the baby.  "Umm... what if Mark comes with?"

Mark scowled.

Tristen sighed again.  Her daughter was so boy crazy and worried about being popular. It was frustrating! "Michelle, I just don't think it's fair to ask him..."

Michelle stomped her foot. "Mom! Come on! I'm growing up! I might be going to college soon!"

Tristen paused, "Might?"

Michelle paused. "Who knows? I might just let being an adult go to my head because I've been sheltered so much as a child... I might not wind up going to college at all!"

Tristen threw her hands in the air. "Fine! But be home by 8 tonight... Or else!"

"Yes!" Michelle cheered.

Mark rolled his eyes.  "That was low, Michelle. Really low."

Michelle stuck her tongue out. "Who cares! It worked!"

Excitedly she ran to go tell Patrick the good news.

"Guess what Patrick! Mom said I can go to the movies with you!"

Patrick smiled. "Great. Let me get the rest of the group together."

Michelle's smile fell.  "The rest... of the... group..." she trailed off.  "I thought it would be just you and me."

Patrick ruffled Michelle's hair.  "Good one, Michelle!"

Michelle squirmed.  "No, really. I thought... that you liked me..."  Closing her eyes, she leaned forward to kiss him.

Patrick leaned back and held his hands out. "Whoa.  Wow. I'm so sorry Michelle. It's just that... well... I don't feel that way about you.  I mean, you're a great girl!"

Michelle struggled to hold in the tears.  "Ha! Got you.  Umm... why don't you go grab the group & I'll go get ready. Be right back!"  Michelle hurried to the bathroom.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," she cried.  "I can't believe I was that stupid!" Splashing her face with cold water, she tried to hide any evidence that she'd been crying.  She didn't need anyone pitying her!

"Alright guys! Let's go!" she said cheerfully as she walked out to greet everyone.  Someone had to be the life of the party!

"Happy Birthday Tristen!"

Tristen gazed lovingly at all of her children surrounding her.  "What wonderful children I have!" she said happily.  "You remembered!"

Conrad hurriedly tried to repair the leaks in the bathroom.  Tristen would kill him if she saw what his tinkering had caused.  The bathroom was a mess!

Michelle snuggled her little brother Martin.  "Come on, big boy.  Time to go play outside," she told him.

"Are you coming Mary?"

Michelle watched the kids play while sitting on the slide and listening to music.  Ever since Patrick had turned her down, she'd tried to stay at home more often. She'd been so embarrassed.  It wasn't like she was hiding... she was just... okay. Fine. She was hiding!

"Michelle! Will you swing me?" Martin asked?

Michelle shook her head.  "No way! I'm listening to music!"

 "Aw, come on, Michelle! You told Mom you'd play with us!" Mary whined.

Michelle smiled.  "I am playing with you.  I'm sitting on a slide watching you play."

"I'm hungry," Martin pouted.

"Fine! I'll go make some hot dogs."

"Mom makes better hot dogs," Mary whispered after they'd changed into their jammies and sat at the table for dinner.

"Yeah, well Mom's busy right now. So eat up."

Just then Tristen hurried through the door.  "Thanks for watching the kids, Michelle. I had to go pick up a few things. I'll be right back."

Tristen was so glad Michelle was old enough to watch the kids! Planning birthday parties had always been so hard when she had to drag the kids with her wherever she went. 

This birthday would be a breeze, she thought happily.

Happy Birthday David!

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  1. heh teenagers watching kids. (Brings back memories for me) lol another happy normal family. :)


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