February 17, 2012

Landrys - Round 19

Ben sat and watched the waves.  Mom always made him wear this dumb duckie floatation device.  Dad laughed and said he'd been raised in the ocean and nothing bad had ever happened to him.  Mom's usual response was better safe than sorry with a pointed look.

It didn't bother Ben too much. He just loved sitting by the ocean and watching the waves roll in.

"Mom are you okay?" Ben asked on his way to school one morning. "You're standing kind of funny.."

Jade put her hand on the small of her back. "Oof. I don't know. I was just making the bed and... oh dear... I think I'm in labor!"

Ben dropped his book bag and put his hands on his head. "Oh my God! What do we need to do?!"

Jade smiled through the contractions.  "Go call your father. Everything's okay."

Ben numbly nodded and with shaking hands he called his Dad to tell him Mom was having a baby.  He couldn't believe. He was going to be a big brother!

"Ben! Are you ready to meet your little sister?" Jade called.

What a big day, Jade thought as she tucked Ben in.  He'd been so excited and scared that morning when she'd gone into labor.  All he'd talked about all day was his little sister Jasmine.  Smiling, she kissed the top of his head.  What a sweet boy he was!

Dean sighed as he came home and breathed in the smell of the ocean.  He didn't think there was any way he could ever get tired of that smell.  It was in his blood, he thought.

And it just might be in Ben's blood too, judging from how often he was found swimming.

"Ryder! So good to see you!" Dean called out in greeting.  It had been ages since he'd seen his big brother.  Even longer since he'd seen his brother, Quinn.

Ryder kissed his cheek. "How are the kids? Jasmine sleeping through the night yet?"

Dean sighed, "Not yet, but Jade's so good with her. And Ben! He loves being a big brother! How are Annie & Ryan?"

"Growing like weeds! Annie's almost a teenager!"

"Man, time flies too fast!" Dean lamented.

"Oh Lord," Jade thought as she mentally calculated her last period.  It'd been two months, she'd just been so busy with Jasmine that she hadn't noticed.

Ben loved playing with his sister, Jasmine. She was so cute.  He still didn't understand why she was a red-head though and Mom had blonde hair.   He'd asked if she dyed her hair & she'd glared at him and told him there were three things you never asked a woman.

He wondered what else you weren't supposed to ask him.  She'd shooed him away when he'd asked her.

"When you get older, will you tell me what I'm not supposed to ask girls, Jasmine?"

"Bah!" Jasmine giggled.

Ben sighed.  "Some help you are!"

Jade called to Dean to come quickly.  She knew it was time for another delivery.

Welcome to the world, Brooks Landry!

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  1. I love your ocean front houses. Woo lots of babies coming in here!


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