February 20, 2012

Landrys (2) - Round 19

Ryder couldn't wait to tell Lyndsay that he'd finally done it. He'd reached the top of the medical field!

"In a minute, Ryder," she testily interrupted.  "I'm almost done with this chapter I need to get through for that promotion tomorrow. If I don't have this memorized..." she trailed off.

Ryder sighed.  He guessed it was another night alone in his bed...

"Daaaaaad," Annie complained from the bedroom.  "Can I talk to you?"
"What's wrong?" Ryder asked.

"Why can't I have my own room?" she huffed.  "Ryan wakes up crying every morning at 3 am. I need sleep!"

"It's not that bad, Annie.  Most night he sleeps straight through."

"But, Dad! I need my own space! All the other kids my age have their own room?"

Ryder crossed his arms.  "All the kids?"

Annie let out an exasperated sigh. "Maybe not all..." she admitted.

"Look, when I was a kid, I had to share a room with my two brothers!"

Annie grumbled, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you had three boys in one room...  Fine!"

"Look, we'll readdress it at a later time, okay?'

"Yeah, whatever!" Annie huffed.  Man it stunk sharing a room!

(Uh oh - When did you eat the Nanny?)

(Be careful, Garden Club Lady - don't admire too closely!  I can see her thinking, "I've never quite seen this variety...)

Susie Johnston had come home with Ryder to show him the ropes in the athletic field.  Ryder glanced around to say something to her and noticed she was gone.  "Where'd she go?" he wondered.  Then, a horrible thought stuck him.  "Oh no! The cow plant!"

Rushing to the backyard, he saw Susie standing way too close to the carnivorous plant.

"Susie!" he called, "Do you want to check out the sports channel I have?"  Susie ambled inside away from certain death.

(I could've sworn she grabbed a cake out of his mouth.  But, I haven't played the cow plant enough to know if Sims are able to escape getting eaten after grabbing the cake or if they're automatically eaten!)

"Here you big lug, have some lamb leg!" Ryder called. "And quit eating my guests!"

After such a fun afternoon with Ryder (and his cow plant), Susie put in a good word for him at work and he reached the top of the food chain.

It appeared that Lyndsay had just as much luck at her job, as well.

"Oh man," Annie said in surprise. "We totally have the same haircut," she told Meadow McMillan.

Going the bathroom, Annie spruced her hair up so that they looked a little different! "What do you think?" Annie asked.

"I like it!" Meadow announced.

"You look like a monkey!" Ryan giggled as he ran past.

Ryder came in the room behind Ryan and admonished him, "Don't talk to your sister that way."

"Sorry Dad!" Ryan piped up as he stuck his tongue out at Annie before running off again.

Annie rolled her eyes. "What a pest!"

Sim State Uni - 15th Class     Landrys (2) - Round 20

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  1. Woo cowplant action! That is a nice way to get the population down in the neighborhood!


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