February 17, 2012

Johnstons - Round 19

Susie and Amar loved to throw a good party.  Sometimes the festivities would last well into the night.  Because they had such a great networking system, they were able to reach the tops of their careers quickly and easily.
They were on top of the world.

Alyssa scratched out her answer and tried again.  She was due at her after-school care program soon.  She wanted to get her homework out of the way before work so that she could go straight to sleep when she got home... provided her folks didn't throw another party!

When she got home, Dad was just cleaning up.  She looked at the trash around the house.  "Wow, must've been some party," she joked.

Amar smiled.  "You know your Mother!"

"Yeah, geez, maybe you need to invite a maid to the party next time to clean!"

Now that made Amar laugh.  "You know, there actually was a maid here tonight! I think she was the messiest one of them all!"

Alyssa smiled.  Her parents were crazy!  "Alright Dad, well I love you, I'll see you in the morning!"

Susie came out of the bathroom just as Amar was coming to bed.  "Did you get it all, baby?" she asked.

Amar sat on the bed and motioned her to join him.  "I sure did.  The house is locked up, Alyssa's in bed, and you are lovely!"

Susie fawned.  "Oh stop, you!" she teased. 

The calls came pouring in the next day.  Everyone wanted to thank Susie for inviting them to the party and wondered when the next one would be. 

Hanging up the phone, she looked at Amar and laughed.  "I feel like my dance card is full!"

Just then, the phone rang again.

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  1. Party animals!! Love to see elders still active.


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