February 9, 2012

Harts - Round 19

 "Say uncle," Matt teased.

"NEVER!" Theo gasped.

"Say it!"

Theo struggled against the noogie that Matt was viciously applying to his head.  "FINE! UNCLE!" he growled.

"I was just saying I thought it was funny Sabrina tried to kiss you!" Theo complained as he rubbed his head.

Matt pointed his finger at Theo's nose. "Well, quit it!"

Walking out of the room, he greeted his friends, "Hey guys! Sorry, just had to clear something up!"

Matt thought Christa seemed really nice.  He unabashedly tried to hit her up.  Waving her hands in front of her she laughed, "No way! I'm seeing Lestat."

Matt grinned. "Well, if you need someone to have fun with, you know who to call!" Then, he pulled her in to get a noogie.

"Matt, you are so irritating!" Christa complained. "Let me go!"

Maybe Christa wouldn't date him, but there were plenty of fish in the sea, Matt thought.

Inside, Christa saw little Dawn.  "Awwww... she's so cute!" she grinned.  "Isn't she so cute, Lestat?"

Lestat just smiled.  He loved that Christa seemed to love babies!  Maybe they would have five or six themselves!

 Dawn wasn't a baby for much longer though!  Soon she was ready to go to school and start learning!

 Aaron came home, pleased that he'd seemed to have made such a difference in people's lives. (Okay, wow.... strangely that is a good look for him! Or is it just me?)

 "Are you ready for your first day, Dawn?" Matt teased.  "They're going to make you do so much work. And you have to call your teacher Mistress Evil.  And girls like it when you pull on their braid."

Theo smacked Matt on the arm. "Shut up!" Turning to Dawn, he smiled, "Don't listen to anything he says. You're going to do great."

Matt mouthed across the table "pull on braids" as he pretended to pull on a braid.

Dawn giggled.

Matt saw that Theo had brought Marisa home with him. "Aw, you brought your girlfriend home!" Matt teased.  "Are you going to kiss her?!"

Theo blushed. "Shut up, Matt!"

"Make me, doofus!" Matt teased as he grabbed Theo and gave him a noogie.

Marissa rolled her eyes.  Matt was turning into such a jerk.

Quickly she gave Theo a kiss.  "I have to go home," she said, jerking her head towards Matt and rolling her eyes, "I'll see you later."

Theo watched her go, feeling angry beyond belief.  "Way to go dip-stick! She left because you're such an ass!"  Theo stormed in to complain to Mom and Dad.

Uncle Seth sat down with Matt to watch the game together as they usually did.  "So, I heard about your fight with Theo.  Do you want to talk about it?"

Matt shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe people are just too sensitive."

Uncle Seth thought a moment.  "When everyone complains about someone, generally everyone is not the problem..."

Matt crossed his arms.  "Are we going to watch football or talk?"

Seth sighed.  Hopefully every little bit would help.

Ashlee stared at her pieces, trying to remember which one was best to move.

"Come on, Mom. Sometime tonight!" Matt complained.

Ashlee glanced up.  "I'm trying, honey. I'm not a chess pro, like you are!"

Matt grinned.  "It's hopeless. After you move, I'll checkmate you in two turns."

Ashlee sighed in defeat.  "How did you get so good?!"

Matt started to put the pieces back in the starting position. "I just practiced alot. I'm a natural for these games!"

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