February 18, 2012

Goss - Round 19

Lilly couldn't believe how fast the boys were growing!

They were always running around on full speed, showing off a new stunt, asking for a swing around the room, or playing cops and robbers.  She loved how well they got along with each other.

And how tender-hearted they were!  Junior found a little kitten lost outside and convinced Gabe to let them take care of the poor thing.  Gabe had relented, but said as soon as the kitten was better, they would need to take it to the shelter.

She was happy to say that even Gabe had grown attached to little Ninja.

Of course, Gabe's week spot seemed to be the boys! She knew that he would try to move heaven and earth if it was something that would make the boys happy.

She knew he loved her... but maybe not the all encompassing love that she'd had with Levi.  Lily sighed.  How much she'd changed since she was a young bride so many years ago! It made her sad that her children from her previous marriage would have nothing to do with her. 

Not that she blamed them. She'd been young, foolish & impetuous. 

But, she'd made her own bed & now she must lay in it.  Lily laughed bitterly.  It was just what her Mother had told her when she'd confessed she was leaving Levi.

How fitting...

Her reverie was broken by Gabe calling out to her, "Lily! Come look Lily!"

Lily walked to the front yard and stopped to stare at the car in the driveway.   "What is that?" she asked hesitantly.

"It's our new car!" he announced proudly.  "You like it?!"

Lilly was dumbstruck.  "You bought a car.  Without me?"

"Oh come on. It wasn't without you! I've been talking about getting a new car for awhile now!"

Lilly crossed her arms.  "You most certainly have not!"

Gabe shrugged.  "I'm sure I have.  Isn't she a beaut? I'm going to go show the boys! Maybe the boys will want to take it for a spin with me!"

"Alright!" Junior cheered.  "Sorry, Regan, I gotta go!"

Cliff jostled in front of Junior as they walked to the side door.  "No! Me first!"

Junior nudged Cliff back and called out, "No fair! Dad!"

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  1. Yay, for a lost kitten being found! Hey that is a snazzy looking car!


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