February 9, 2012

Downies - Round 19

With age comes retrospection.

Regina reflected back on her life and her many loves.

She was young yet! She bet she could double that!

Lestat hovered in the corner, watching Rebeka's friends.  He noticed that Christa had come over.  It was nice to see her coming out of her shell.  She was beginning to make more friends.  He was so proud of her!

But, worried that there wasn't space in her life for him...

Camilla was delighted that Gary had come home with her.  He was so handsome and a pleasure to be around.  They could talk for hours about music, the love of her life.

He didn't seem surprised when she led him up the grand staircase to the master bedroom...

"You must be Camilla's new toy," the handsome woman announced over hamburgers.

Gary raised his brows. "And you are?"

"I'm her Mother, Regina. You look very virile.  I'd love to play sometime, too, if you're interested."

Gary's mouth dropped open.  This was Camilla's Mother?! No wonder Camilla had said to avoid her!

Things went smoothly for awhile, but soon Gary began to get bored.  "Camilla?" he asked.  "Camilla?"   God, she was on the piano again! She really did love to play that thing, he thought, annoyed.  Well, what was he supposed to do now?

Wanting to find somewhere to relax, he went into the guest bedroom and found Regina lounging on one of the beds. 

Feeling out of sorts, he laid down on the other bed and rolled over.

"I promise I don't bite," she whispered across the room.

"I'm not scared," he bantered back.

Gary didn't know why, but it felt so intimate lying in the dark with this woman, whispering.

He heard the bed sheets rustle as she got out of bed and came closer to him.

"Prove it," she whispered.

Gary knew it was wrong, but he was never one to back down from a dare!

Blake felt as though he was getting older and had nothing to show for it.  He'd always wanted to marry off a brood of children, but it seemed as though none of his children were destined for marriage. Camilla had scoffed when he brought up marriage.  She'd pointed to what a poor example he & Regina had shown. 

He couldn't speak for Regina, but he'd loved her all along.

Oh, the kids thought he didn't know about Regina's indiscretions, but he knew.  At first he thought he could change her, then he thought he could live with it... and at long last... he just couldn't seem to live without her.

A sad way to live your life, really.

So, maybe Camilla was right, maybe marriage wasn't all it was cracked up to be!

Not that Camilla was complaining!  She was having so much fun with Gary! He was so kind, considerate, and athletic!  He was able to turn her on with one smoldering look!

One night, in the throes of passion, she did something she'd sworn she would never do...

...and she loved every moment of it!

Gary felt his body change instantly and seemed to feel power flowing through his veins.  Crouching, he hissed at Camilla.  "This is amazing! I feel so... so... powerful and sensitive.."

Camilla smiled wickedly as she pushed him back onto the bed.

"Show me!"
It was a night like neither had ever experienced.  By morning, they snuggled in bed together, tired and sated.

It was hard for Gary to used to not being in the sun.  He came home from work with a bouquet of flowers to thank Camilla for such a wonderful gift... but he just couldn't seem to find the right place to put it.  (Seriously Gary! Just put it down & go INSIDE! He attempted to place it down FIVE times! And you can't cancel the stupid dream date queue!)

Finally, feeling the sting from the sun's rays, Gary placed the gift in the perfect spot & flew to the secret room Camilla had told him about.

"Camilla, I don't feel good," Gary complained. "I'm so hungry... so terribly hungry..."

Camilla bared her teeth at him.  "I warned you about staying outside, you imbecile! You'd better hope the butler has a meal prepared for us!"

Jeeves sat nursing a beer.  He hoped the whole damn house burned down.  He'd just caught Regina locked in a passionate embrace with Blake.  She'd told him that she & Blake were over. That they were together for their kids. 

Lies. All lies.

Let it burn.

"JEEVES!" Camilla screeched, "Put the fire out! The children!"

Jeeves jolted into action and grabbed the extinguisher.  What had he been thinking? He loved this family, even if he no longer loved Regina, Camilla was like a daughter to him! He would never want to harm them!

Camilla could sense the shift in her body now that she was pregnant.  She would need to speak with Gary about this.

Gary was happier than she would have expected.

He had dropped down to one knee and proposed marriage.  Happily, she gazed at the diamond rock that he'd slipped on her finger. 

"You've brought so much life, love, and happiness to my life.  I hate to imagine what I would have been without you. A shell of a person," he confessed.

Gary would be a fool to not do anything in his power to keep this relationship strong.  He lived in a mansion with loads of money, prestige & power.  Having Camilla take his last name would just cement his position in the family.

Take his last name... and have his baby!

Camilla snuggled her daughter against her chest.  "Little Isabella, welcome to the family!"

Lestat had just finished feeding his niece when his nephew ran in.

"Hey! That's my little sister!" Quinten announced, tickling Isabella's toes.

Lestat laughed. "That's right. Do you want to hold her? You have to go sit on the couch."

"Alright!" Quinten cheered as he ran to the den.

Lestat was heading to the den when he heard Christa call his name.

Swiveling, he turned to face her.  "Christa? What are you doing here?"

Christa pushed her glasses up her nose.  "Jeeves let me in. I just came... to see you..."

Not wanting to waste a second more, Lestat handed the baby to Rebeka so that he could do what he'd been dying to do for age.

He kissed her.

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  1. Woo the vampire legacy continues. It is hard for me to imagine Camilla with the vamp attitude though. Nice to see Christa there. I like her.


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